26/09/2017 | Carve 141 3DX, WIND Mag – April 2016

The Carves, the iconic freeriders designed to provide maximum performance with minimum fuss.

Their length allows the Carves to plane up smoothly and effortlessly. The wide and slim profile give them wind range and stability. The zero tail-kick rocker and elongated profile provide the easiest, smoothest entry into planing. Just hop on, sheet in and go fast.


The following test report was featured in the April 2016 edition of WIND Magazine.

Starboard Carve 141 3DX: “Surprising!”

Volume: 141 liters
Length: 251 cm
Width: 83.5 cm
Tail Width: 51.2 cm
Thickness: 12.0 cm
Fin: Drake Freeride Power 46 (Tuttle Box)
Bottom Shape: Flat Vee to Double Concave (Tail to Nose)
Weight: 9.50 kg
Sail Range: 6.0 – 9.5m²



The 2016 Starboard Carve has been entirely redesigned with a flat, no-tail-kick rocker, thinner rails forward, a longer, wider outline, new cut-aways and a new Drake Freeride Power G-10 fin. Available in three technologies, we tested the 3DX version for this issue; a new micro-glass sandwich that is very affordable.


On the Water:

The Carve 141 boasts an avant-garde outline inspired by compact freeride boards which makes it the widest and the most voluminous in the test group. Bulky on land, its large size is completely forgotten once in the water. The imposing width provide a reassuring level of stability on board: it’s for example extremely easy to uphaul the sail.

It gets planing steadily and easily but definitely not quickly due to the heavier weight of the 3DX construction. We did however take note of the very comfortable Sponge pads and the perfect support offered by the tail design. Glide comes progressively in light to medium winds with a board that slices through chop without ever stuttering, which is very reassuring for beginners.

In stronger winds, the Carve was a surprise. The cut-outs free up the board and provide a lot of sensations. It responds well to fin lift, squeezing extra speed. We preferred non-cambered sails with this 3DX version that provided a livelier ride in stronger winds and minimized the feeling of width. In the jibe, and this was expected due to the generous width, wide, long arcs are preferred.



Despite its imposing dimensions, the Carve 141 in 3DX isn’t a lightwind machine but rather a reassuring platform for beginners learning to plane. Once planing, the cut-outs free up the board and give you the feeling of a much smaller board. Its accessibility will accompany you in your progression. The 3DX version tested here is perfectly suited for occasional use.