19/10/2017 | Futura 114 Carbon, PlancheMag – September 2015

The Futuras are the most technologically advanced freeride shapes, with class-leading top-end speeds across a mega-wide wind range: the sporty Futuras are for freeracers who want to tune and maximize performance.

The 2016 Futuras introduce the world’s lightest UltraCore Carbon board technology and come fitted with the new Drake Ready to Race high-performance molded fins.

The following test was featured in the September edition of Planche Mag.


Starboard Futura 114 Carbon UltraCore: “Premium performance and quality”

Length: 246 cm
Width: 72.0 cm
Tail Width: 47.8 cm
Thickness: 11.1 cm
Weight: 6.80 kg
Volume: 114 liters
Fin: Drake Slalom DW 42 Ready to Race (Tuttle Box)
Sail Range: 5.5m² – 9.0m²



The Futura range keeps the same sizes as last year: 90, 97, 104, 114, 124, 134, 144 and 154). They come in an all-new construction called UltraCore which is lighter, stiffer and stronger according to Starboard, with new Drake molded racing fins and non-manually adjusting UltraLight racing straps. They’re also available in Wood Reflex sandwich.



This new Futura 114 made a strong impression on our test team in terms of stiffness and its feather weight under the feet. A 100 kg sailor floats nicely and the planing acceleration is stunning. Two little pumps with a 7.8m² or a 8.6m² and you find yourself flying above the water on a board that is nervous, crisp and direct under your toes. This sensation is further amplified by the new molded racing fin that is stiffer than last year’s G10 fin. It rides nice and high on the water, with extra thickness under the heels that helps to keep the lift. We found the Drake Slalom DW 42cm fin is a bit too big for 7.0m². We instead preferred matching it to 7.8m² and 8.6m² sails.

Also offered on the menu is a super-efficient upwind performance, a very high top speed and a nose rocker that lets you go full tilt, full speed downwind in full confidence. On top of the massive speed potential, we were also impressed by the Futura’s capacity to plane through lulls thanks to the tracking rails, the fin performance and the best weight and stiffness ratio that lets you skim across the water surface.

In the jibe, it needs a good push to start carving, after which you get a good exit speed. It’s not quite as easy as a pure freeride board though.

Finally, when it comes to those new non-manually adjusting UltraLight footstraps, our opinions are mixed. Yes, we save more than 500 g in weight. But they require you to return to the beach and use a screwdriver to adjust the size.



Boosted by a new molded Drake racing fin and an exciting new technology known as UltraCore that’s lighter and stiffer, this new Futura breaks through another performance level yet again, reinforcing its assets even against pure slalom boards with 7.8m² and 8.6m² sail sizes. Premium performance and quality.