11/07/2017 | iSonic 107, PlancheMag – April 2016

The 2017 iSonics, the cutting edge of windsurfing board technology. Our fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds and the highest average speeds, for the quickest accelerations and powerful overtaking abilities through a wide wind range.

The iSonics are all-new for 2017 except the 117 and divided into three groups: the Speed Slaloms (70, 75, 80, 87, and 90), the Slaloms (97 and 107) and the Race Slaloms (117, 127 and 137).


The following test report was featured in the April 2016 edition of PlancheMag.

Starboard iSonic 107 Carbon Reflex: “Always on the offense”


Volume: 107 liters
Length: 231 cm
Width: 71 cm
Tail Width: 47.7 cm
Thickness: 11.9 cm
Weight: 6.20 kg
Sail Range: 6.2 – 8.6m²


Boasting Starboard’s flagship Carbon Reflex construction, the iSonic 107 features refined tail wingers and side cuts, a lowered mast track and is now fitted with new, hydrophobic UltraLight footstraps.


On the Water:

Offering slightly less support than before, the iSonic 107 remains very efficient in early planing, providing a feeling of lighteness and crispness below the feet that is far superior to other boards on test.

The nose stays down and in control and the weight to stiffness ratio brings excitement and glide, regardless of wind speed or angle. It is one of the fastest in the our speed tests and allows the rider to sail balanced on both feet, high above the board and with the power to accelerate and shift into higher gear at any time.

It remains stiff through chop, without being uncomfortable or too demanding. We enjoyed its capacity to head tight upwind as well as steer broadly downwind. The iSonic 107 is a sound board although lateral stability is on the decline these last few years in exchange of more glide and faster accelerations in 7.0m² to 8.6m² conditions.



The Starboard iSonic steps it up this year again in terms of stiffness and weight, allowing to squeeze more speed and less drag than before, skipping over water when other boards are crashing into it. Flying over water without taking off!