01/12/2017 | UltraKode 86 Carbon Reflex, SURF – November 2017

The ultra-allrounder: the UltraKode is the dream wave board designed by the Dream Wave Team of Starboard. And it was the lightest board out of 13 boards in the German SURF test (11-12/2017) with 5.72 kg only!!

The SURF test crew states about the Starboard UltraKode 86 Carbon Reflex 2018: “It’s an allrounder par excellence without any weak points! Strong in planing and control, turns well and nevertheless easy to surf.”


Starboard UltraKode 86 Carbon Reflex 2018: “An allrounder par excellence”

Length: 224.0 cm
Width: 58.3 cm
Tail Width: 37.1 cm
Thickness: 12.4 cm
Weight: 5.72 kg
Fins: MFC, 1 x 18cm + 2 x 12 cm/US + Starbox
Sail Range: 3.7m² – 5.7m²
Available Constructions: Carbon Reflex  / Carbon L.C.F.

Designed by: Dany Bruch and 4 times PWA wave World Champion Philip Köster

Shape info: When comparing the UltraKode’s outline to previous generation generations Kode Waves, it is shorter, with slightly more volume in the squash-tail.


SURF – given points:

  • Big Wave: 3 out of 5 points
  • North Sea (onshore / side onshore): 5 out of 5 points
  • Bump&Jump: 3 out of 5 points


Performance on the water:

5,72 kg are an announcement! This weight is possible due to the new Carbon-Reflex construction. Although the board comes in the same shape as in 2017, it takes advantage of the reduced weight and is top ranked in all fields: floating, crossing white water – the Starboard is stable in the water all the time and makes the rider’s life easy. The transition into planing is quite smooth. The Kode reaches a good top speed and creates the perfect mix of free riding feeling and cushioned comfort feeling. In waves the board can turn really tight, especially in small and medium sized waves. With a lot of speed and huge waves the Starboard corners like it’s on rails and provides a lot of safety, although the radii of the turns feel a bit limited.



The Starboard UltraKode 86 is an allrounder par excellence without any weak points! It planes well, has control, turns well and nevertheless is easy to surf. The board offers a huge overall range, which suits for the wave entry level all the way up to a top rider. The Starboard UltraKode 86 shows its great turn ability especially in classic North and Baltic Sea conditions.