16/12/2017 | Quick Word with Matteo Iachino

You have heard his name, read about him in the magazines or seen him on the podium during the PWA World Cup. He became World Champion in 2016 and Vice World Champion this season. We had a quick word with our top team rider Matteo Iachino and asked him about his 2017 season.


“The 2017 season has just finished and I’m really happy about my result. It has been a long season, we’ve competed in many different places with different kind of conditions. Being on the PWA World Cup podium for the third year in a row is just amazing. Last year I was World Champion and this year I was fighting until the last race with Antoine Albeau. I’ll keep training as usual and next year I’ll be there again!”

– Matteo Iachino

If you haven´t seen it, check out the video below where he explains what it takes to perform on a high level. And where he finds his motivation to be one of the best in the world. It has not always been easy. Watch his inspiring story.