03/04/2018 | Video – Boujmaa Guilloul: Radical Action during the IWT

Unreal skills from Boujmaa!

Big waves and mad action! Congrats to Boujmaa Guilloul for 3rd place yesterday in the International Windsurfing Tour! Boujmaa was sailing on his Starboard UltraKode 78 Boujmaa Guilloul Pro Model.Edit by Oda Johanne Windsurfing. Filmed by Håkon Skorge

Posted by Starboard Windsurfing on Sunday, 1 April 2018

International Windsurfing Tour in Moulay, Morocco!

With a large swell and high wind forecast for Day 5 of the event window, anticipation levels were high. Riders would not be disappointed. Light offshore winds in the morning meant the waiting game was on. Around mid-day the winds had clocked around enough and strengthened to a point that head judge Duncan Coombs called the competition on. The last heat of the day would be the Pro final. 30 minutes were put on the clock and the final four would battle it out with the top 2 waves to count and 1 best jump. All the spectators were on the edge of their seats as conditions had risen to a crescendo. Winds were pushing 40 knots and waves were still well over mast high. The stage was set for one of the wildest ever Pro Finals in an IWT wave contest.

As the four best riders headed out into the wild it was a battle between Morgan Noireaux, Antoine Martin, Boujmaa Guilloul and the young 17 year old up and coming talent Takara Ishii, sailing in his first ever Pro men final. This final was no disappointment. Not only were the conditions firing but the pro riders pushed it to the limits.

– Words by IWT

Congrats to our team rider Boujmaa Guilloul for 3rd place and really solid sailing. He was sailing on his UltraKode 78 Boujmaa Guilloul Pro Model.

1st: Antoine Martin
2nd: Morgan Noireaux
3rd: Boujmaa Guilloul
4th: Takara Ishii