04/07/2018 | Video – Lena Erdil: Flight Mode ON: Vlog#24

Update from Lena Erdil´s foil training:

“Finally, I had time to play with my Starboard Race Foil and I was lucky to have my teammate Tristan Algret in Bodrum. He gave me some foil tuning tips! I’m sharing what I learned so far here in this Vlog…

The most important change was swapping my 330cm tail wing with the 255cm tail wing as I was struggling with too much power from the foil. The wind at my home spot rarely stays beneath 10 knots, so too much power was my main issue in the beginning.

Foil jibing is still a work in progress, but in the end, I was super stoked when I manage to keep the board in the air all the way! I will say the key here is to keep your feet back on the board and the rig forwards. Ideally going strap to strap, although this might change for a different kind of wind. That’s it from me for foiling for now, but I can tell you I am hooked and will be back for more after the PWA Wave World Cup in Pozo and Tenerife.”