30/11/2017 | Video – Lena Erdil’s VLOG #4

“The first time I came to New Caledonia, my friend Tiffany told me about this magic place called Poe. She eventually took me there for a camping trip with her crew. It is truly a magical place. The colors in the lagoon are truly some of the best I have ever seen. Sailing here, you can’t help but have a massive smile on your face! Super glad I got to go back again this year. And I can share the beauty of this place with you this time!

Tiffany organized this trip before I even arrived in New Caledonia as to sail this place, the tide needs to be high and it is not always windy. She had been waiting for the place to function properly and we scored big time! We had a nice little crew of sailors for our weekend trip there and sharing these moments on the water was simply awesome!”

– Lena Erdil


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