View Full Version : use of 9.0 on an S-type 137

17th January 2007, 06:14 PM
Has anybody used a 9.0 m on a S-type 137. I'm trying to choose between one an S-type and a carve 133 and wonder if they would work together:)

18th January 2007, 12:47 AM
Check the starboard website, they have recommended sails sizes for every board at the bottom of the page. you can check if the starboard designers recommend it. But for a 137 i think it would work. i know that for my Go 139 i can go up to 9 m?? (probably a bit more if i want to be naughty ;))

Haiko aka crazychemical

18th January 2007, 06:32 AM
If you are racing in the slalom there I would get the Stype for sure. It will be a lot faster and be better at beating all those Fx boards. A 9m will be the upper limit but if you are after the bottom end in those races use the swell to get planning and play around with fins. I'm surprised you haven't looked at the Isonic 133 or 122. It would be great in the lighter winds. All that width and speed. I found the carve 133 to small in those race conditions.( 2004) . Very hard to get of the line with a fleet of sails around you.