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18th January 2007, 06:28 AM
hey does any one know much about puerto rico, thinking of doing a wavesailing/surfing trip there. When is the best time for wind and when is the best time for waves. Where is the best place on the island to stay. Is it very expensive?


18th January 2007, 07:34 AM
Surfline.com has some info under travel. I've never been there but my friends say the waves can be insane when its good. Unfortunately, its a pretty heavy local scene in addition to being crowded. Haven't heard anything about the windsurfing.

18th January 2007, 09:11 AM
well I live there! if your going to stay here and want great night life as well as great windsurfing stay in San Juan!...the beach @ ocean park or punta las marias has some of the best wind and its just a cool place to hang out.. the conditions right now have been great and it seems as it will keep that way for a while. 16-27 knots constantly almost all week! check out www.velauno.com the shop is just around the corner from the beach and the staff can help you with anything you need...

wind! http://velauno.com/local_weather_amz710.html

theres allso Isabela wich seems to have the best wavesailing spot in Puerto Rico more advanced spot if you ask me but I dont know much about the west side of PR so I cant help you much..but if you want the best wave be sure to ead down to Isabela (Shacks beach) ..keep in mind the beach at san juan has a great great great reef break wich brings awesome perfect waves... San Juan will 100% guaranted to have windsurfing and kitesurfing going on a lot so if you want to have company and meet new people then this is the place to be...everyone is friendly here so dont worry much about that..youll have a blast! windsurfing and hanging out!

let me know if you have anymore questions

regarding prices well it depends where you stay and time but if you want to stay at a good hotel the itll be around 150+ a night..obviously you can stay wherever you want and there are many cheaper places to stay just ask around Im sure you can find some good quotes

later good winds!!

btw i just broke my board so i wont be sailing for a while! and i have no money! but let me know when you plan to make the trip..


19th January 2007, 08:16 AM
Look at Tres Palmas for lodging. Across road from beach in Ocean Park(puntas las marias). Can't get any closer.