View Full Version : Legend of the HyperCarve 90

20th January 2007, 02:43 AM
My friend sailed this board last weekend along with 5.5 Ezzy SE Wave. I was on a Carve 101 and same sail. I am 170lbs and he is heavier than me. Wind average 20 to 25mph, super gusty, one over 40mph (that one tossed me over the handlebars) with big chop and swells. There were definitely times when I wished for a smaller board while my friend enjoyed constant control. I also sailed the 90 board before and now remember how impressed I was with the unique design. The 90 board has ridiculous wind range (3.5 to 6.0), super short length for a smooth ride in gnarly chop and great speed. On top of that at 90 litres there is plenty of volume to get you through the inevitable lulls and slog home if necessary. My question is since Starboard discontinued the 90 in 2004, what is out there to compare that offers all these attributes. I am not talking about ocean wave boards, but rather high wind bump and jump? I am sorry they dropped this great board.

Andrew Pierce

20th January 2007, 08:05 AM
try the Kombat. It has a good reputation and this years big volume evo are hybrids between the 2006 Aero adn the combat i suppose it will be suitable very suitable for the conditions u enjoy. It's just a suggestion... I'm no waver so i wouldn't be able to tell from experience but i do know that on the starboard website u have very excellent discriptions of the board construction and it's capaceties so just nose around there. Perhaps the lighter I-sonics would appeal to you aswell, i don't know.

Haiko aka crazychemical