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23rd August 2006, 04:07 AM
Hi Roger,

I (85kg) currently use a F-type 158 w retro 10.0 and 70 cm fin as my low wind setup. My wife (59kg) has an F-type 138. I have three questions concerning low wind planing that i think you can answer ;).

1. What size sail should get her planing at the low wind side of the spectrum (10 knot average winds) as soon as i am planing (assuming our skills are both at the intermediate/advanced level)?

2. what do you feel is the low end trade off for my FT158 and the new isonic 155 for my weight?

3. The difference in planing from my FT158 and my wife's FT138 if i use the same 10 meter sail is huge (at least 3-4 knots) for me when i use her board. is the isonic (assuming it is like the 148) closer to the FT138 or FT158?

Thanks for all the help over the years.



23rd August 2006, 12:05 PM
Hi Paul,
I think if you can get going on the FT-158, with a 10.0 m2 rig at 85 Kg. (187.4 lbs.) your wife ( 59 Kg./ 130 lbs.) would get going on her FT-138
with an 8.0-8.5 m2 rig. Be sure you get her a light weight free race type rig with good low end power characteristics.
I cannot answer your question about the Isonic 155 (or any of the '07 boards) as I have not sailed any of them myself yet.
I will ask your patience here for about another month. Then I will have some of the new '07 boards and can give you my impressions of them.
I very much try not to suggest anything, until I've sailed it myself to figure out if the "marketing" is on target or not.
Hope this helps,
P.S. You are most welcome for any and all help you've received over the years. It's always a pleasure to make suggestions and then get feedback that at least some of them were on topic and on target and they actually were somehow beneficial.

23rd August 2006, 07:22 PM
Thanks roger. she uses an 8.0 retro with 100% mast and carbon boom. i wanted to get your opinion if this was the correct size. thanks for the help.

I hope you have the FT158's available to test alonside the new isonic 155. it appears that starboard doesn't have a board like the 158 in the lineup anymore. we'll have to wait and see.



24th August 2006, 03:18 AM

I just went down from a 2005 F-Type 158 to a 2006 F-Type 148, based on a desire to stay on it a bit longer as the wind and chop pick up, and based on input from Roger.

I do notice a very small loss on early planing in very marginal winds, but can stay on it a LOT longer as the wind and chop picks up. I used 8.5 and 9.5 Retros for both. I found the 158 felt best with the 9.5, but the 148 feels better with the 8.5. The 9.5 almost feels like it is pushing it for being a bit big for the 148, although the marketing sail range numbers say up to 10.5, so maybe I just haven't found the tuning sweet spot for that yet.

I was surprised they got rid of the 158 for 2007. For bigger guys, that is a sweet board. For me and what I was looking for, the 148 does the trick. But on REALLY light days I miss my 158 a little. But if you have to replace your 158 with an iSonic 155 down the road, you will probably be happy...

I am also considering getting the new Apollo for early planing on really light days, maybe with an 11.0, that looks like an interesting board, lowering the planing threshold by 2 knots is pretty amazing.



24th August 2006, 01:38 PM
Surprised to hear that a 9.5 sail should be too large for the FT148. Its my every day sail for my FT138 and I was considering buying a 10.5 to still push it a bit.

24th August 2006, 07:03 PM
Thanks pete for the feedback on the 148 and 158. I use the 158 as my low wind board to get me out as long as possible in our low summer winds. Since it is my low wind board i want it to be able to plane early and then i switch to another board asap. i am not as much concerned with the higher wind ability of the ftype. i moved from a formula board to this ftype 158 b/c the ftype was so much more comfortable to sail in a BAF type of recreational sailing setting. i was willing to give up a knot or two on the ftype vs the formula on the low wind side. i don;t want to go back to that formula feeling. now it looks like i would have to give up a little more if i move to the isonic 155. hopefully i will get a little demo time and see. i better take care of my 158 for the time being :).



25th August 2006, 01:05 AM

Glad to hear your 9.5 works well for you on your 138. I just went down from 158 to 148, so as I mention above, it may just be that I haven't found the sweet spot yet for tuning mast track position, boom height and harness lines. It sails okay, just doesn't feel as balanced as the 8.5.

I also have an HPL boom head (the Streamlined knockoff one) that constantly slips, on tacks and pumping, so that doesn't help. My dealer was working with HPL to fix the problem, but after months of waiting, I gave up on HPL and ordered a Streamlined head. That will be in this week. I would bet my tuning gets easier once I have a stationary boom head. ;)