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mark h
23rd August 2006, 06:11 AM
Hi Ian
I'm real tempted to switch my beloved S110 for a iS111 to get the extra fun factor sooner rather than latter. How much has the iS111 moved on in terms of downwind speed and speed on the return journey back upwind (all things being equal). Other than the 3cm extra tail width, the iS111's dimensions are very similair to the S110, so I guess they should have a similair feel, right? (or am I wrong). I cant get much more than 34knots (2 sec average) on my S110 with a 7.6m/40cm fin and the S110 is not to quick up wind (but this might just be a feeling/sensation as I used to have a HS105 and still use a F159), Is the iS111 truthfully much faster or is it around about the same.


Ian Fox
23rd August 2006, 02:32 PM
Hi Mark,

While the basic dimensions are not too different, the way the board rides(trims) really differentiates the two designs, and it is fair to say that the "feel" is noticeably differnt in most cases.

I think that most guys who have made the switch are pretty happy with the result. It does take a couple of sessions to really get in the groove with getting the most from the iS but when you do , it's pretty hard to go back in that size range. Maintaining an even and very thrashable trim at speed, especially over moderate chop - and while handling overpower sail loads nicely- is probably the main positive attribute over the S110 etc.

The overall Vmax speed really won't be quantum faster on the iS111 than S110, but in most conditions iS will offer deliver measurable advantage - something that has not escaped notice on some major race results this year.

If you're running medium speed conditions (W Kirby) where the water is relatively flat on the down speed run, then this is one condition that you may not see such a Vmax advantage to iS until either the speeds go a bit higher (and the trim/lower lift front end of iS starts to advantage) or if the water starts to get a rolling chop into the speed run, in which case the "power on" trim of the iS will make it a bit more sailable and help speed potential. If you're blazing back upwind through short sharp chop, the locked down trim of the iS encourages a more "power on" style, which gives a better upwind speed potential, aided also by the wider tail/stance.

In either iS111 or S110, if you are really chasing top speed trial run speed (2sec etc) then you should consider less fin (for sure) than 40cm. With 40cm and 7.6, you're haulin' a stack of drag along, and although you might struggle a bit upwind on a smaller fin, I'd be looking at a good 34 (or similar) for hitting your best on that kit on speed runs.

Cheers ~ Ian

mark h
23rd August 2006, 08:47 PM
Hi Ian
Thanks for the answers.


24th August 2006, 01:57 AM
I have the iSonic 115 and absolutely love it. I have managed a vmax of 36.7kts. The best I have done so far so I am probably biased.

Am I likely to acheive much improvement on this board as I would love to join the 40kts club. Or would I need a smaller version?

mark h
24th August 2006, 04:44 AM
Wow, phill. Thats very quick on a board this size, I would normally only get those sort of speeds on my S100/6.4m or S90/5.8m. Is that 2 sec's average? What size/model sail & fin where plugged in? Maybe I need to start experimenting with my S100 34cm fin in my S110/7.6m instead of the 40cm. Not had much decent wind recently, hence the S110 is being used alot at the mo, tried it with a 9m a couple of weeks ago for a couple of hours, worked, but didn't feel 100% right at my 105kg weight!! so ended up getting back on the F159.


24th August 2006, 04:44 PM
This was the 2sec vmax shown on a garmin etrex vista. I checked the track log when I got home and it was not a spike so my grin got even bigger.

I used a 32cm fin and a 6.5 tushingham sail.

I was surprised to read that the board is in fact 105 litres as it feels much bigger (except when tacking). I also like the early planing ability especially with an 8.5. I was often alongside riders on big carves with the same sail and was planing almost as soon as them. Once going I easily caught up.