View Full Version : Which Isonic (or S-Type) to replace my Carve 121?

23rd August 2006, 05:31 PM
A question for Ian because I think he is the Isonic specialist?

Current gear:
FF-138 wood 2004 with Sailworks Retro 9.0m? & 7.5m? when the water is flat
Carve 121 D-Ram 2005: with Retro 6.5m? & 7.5m? for a water state in between
Kombat 96 D-Ram 2006: with Retro 5.5m? - 5.0m? & Sailworks Revo 4.2m? when the water is very choppy

I am a female of 62 kg who rides on a lake near the North Sea in the Netherlands (Grevelingenmeer) that can be pretty choppy at times.
I use the FF-138 in low wind if the water is flat and the Kombat as soon as the water starts to become very choppy.

I find the wind range of the Carve 121 too close to the range of the Kombat because I can plane with my Kombat almost from the same windspeed on as with my Kombat.

Therefore I was thinking of replacing eventually the Carve by a board that planes early in marginal winds for when the water is too rough for my FF-138 and that I can ride until I can use the Kombat for when the conditions get even choppier.

I was thinking of the Isonic 115 (111) or 125 (121) because I think they plane earlier in marginal winds than my C-121 and because they can cover a bigger wind range and also because they manage some chop pretty well I guess?
I would use it with a 6.5m? - 7.5m? (most of the time) and every now and than with a 9.0m?

Which Isonic (S-Type) would be suited? I would rather not buy a bigger Carve because my husband and I had already a Carve 131 & 145 which we sold last year.

I am not so interested in top end speed and was therefore thinking of buying a 2006 model. Are there other reasons why I should rather buy one of the new 2007 Isonic?s?

Looking forward to your reply,


Ian Fox
23rd August 2006, 06:41 PM
Hi Karen,

The iSonic 111 is most likely to be the best choice for the sail and wind range you've described. The iSonics have a more efficent early planing than the ST's, which would be a good choice except you really have that condition very well covered with K96 - and no problem getting planing early. Also the ST's can't carry the same larger sail sizes as the iS.

The iS111 will be a very good size for 62 Kg in this usage range, not too small for your weight to be OK on the occassional 9m session, but also not too big to become a problem at speed in mid chop, nor too big to overlap too much with your FF138 (iS122 would overlap a lot in effective range with FF138).

You could certainly pickup a good price for a close out iS115 model in the 2006 series, and no problem there. These end of season models often represent really good value - and can boost the fun/$ factor too.

The new iS111 has a bunch of evolution features inc a wider and thinner tail cross section, which especially for lighter riders means a more reactive, more natural jibe, with less effort (or weight) required to initiate the jibe at speed (in addition to more efficent overall performance). There are other improvements, such as the wingers for clean water release and extra fin drive, new fin upgrades.

Hope this answers your questions, but please let us know if you would like more info.

Cheers ~ Ian

24th August 2006, 04:14 AM

I am so glad to read your post, you have helped me make a decision about my own board quiver.

I currently have a 2006 Carve 121, and was thinking of selling it and getting a Kombat (probably 97). I think the Carve 121 really likes to be very powered up with a 6.5 or less to be fun to sail on, and my theory was that I would be better off 6.5 and below on a smaller board anyway, in the range of conditions I sail in. So you confirmed my theory for me, thanks. I will likely go for the 2007 Kombat 97 in the spring, and sell the Carve.

The other funny coincidence is I have an F-Type 148 and just got an iSonic 125. So my target quiver for going into next season is F-Type 148, iSonic 125, and Kombat 97, very similar to what you are looking to do. Great minds think alike! ;)

With the sail sizes (6.5/7.5) you mention above, I would agree with Ian the iSonic 111/115 is likely the best fit for you, alhtough I would think the 9.0 would feel a bit big. You could probably get away with the 125 as well, but at 75 cm wide versus 68.5, the 125 is not going handle chop near as well. For me there is a lot of overlap between my F-Type 148 and iSonic 125 (7.3 & 8.5 in my sail quiver) but I don't mind that, I erred on the side of earlier planing versus chop handling.

If you want DRAM (I did), better go find a 2006 now, it is wood only for 2007!



24th August 2006, 04:27 PM
To Ian

Thanks for your clear answer!

To Pete

For me the Kombat 96 with the freeride stock fin (31cm) and the 6.5m? Retro planes almost as early in lower winds as the C-121 with the 7.5m? while I don't like the feeling of the 7.5m? on the C-121 very much. Also the K-96 feels very stable and handles the chop better when I use a 5.5m? or smaller with the wave stock fin (25cm). I really like that board.

Funny that your target board quiver is more or less like mine! :)
Also for me my first concern is early planing because where I surf there are a lot of days with winds between 6 and 12 knots maximum.

After what Ian and you told me I will go for the IS 111/115 although I definitely prefer the D-Ram/Technora construction for reasons of price and durability. Maybe I can find a 2006 model.

Cheers to Ian and Pete


Willy B18
6th September 2006, 04:08 PM
MA_Pete wrote:
the 125 is not going handle chop near as well.

Hey Pete,

Sorry to 'disagree' ;) here, but I (84 kgs) am just astonished about how well the iSonic 125 handles chop (and I mean real chop).
Because of change of boardquiver the 125 was my only board at a time I had to use a (obviously too small for the board) well powered up RS5 6.7 on it. Water conditions were really rough, but the iSonic just flew over everything that was thrown at it, despite its volume (has it really 125 l ?) and being 75 cm wide.
Fantastic (and really fast) board and I am now waiting for my 101...

Grtz & have fun