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Aaron Richards
31st January 2007, 05:30 PM
Hi Roger

I asked a question last week about the Hypersonic 105. I have actually made my mind up to get a HS 96. There is only one new HS 96 left in my country, it is a Dram model. Is their much difference in sailing the 96 Dram and a 96 Wood. I could get a second hand 96 wood, but I'd like a new board, as I plan to keep it for a while.

I do have an option of getting a new wood 105 ( someone local bought a new one to keep as a spare) but I have read on forums that the 96 is a little slipperier over the water. And I weigh 73kg, so I assume the 96 should be a nice board for myself (I had a go of a 105 a few years ago and loved it immediately) I am looking at the Hypersonics, as they are cheaper due to their age. And I dont have enough for a Isonic

I appreciate your response.

31st January 2007, 07:12 PM
only difference in construction method...rest stays the same, you just pay more for Dram and it looks a bit less attractive then a wood.

31st January 2007, 11:46 PM
Hi Aaron,
Crazy Chemical has it almost right!
The DRAM originally cost significantly less, and the DRAM boards weigh a
pound or 2 more.
Some sailors feel that the WOOD construction is a bit more "crisp" feeling
and my personal experience is that the WOOD boards are slightly more durable from impact damage.
Lot's of people will tell you the DRAM is more durable (that has not been
my experience). I think it depends on the type of damage.
Impact from a sharp surface seems to penetrate further into the DRAM, but it much easier to repair and get a nice looking job as the DRAM is painted and you do not need to "match" the wood grain.
Either construction is very good, if you take care of it, and the DRAM will stay looking nicer for a longer time as it does not "yellow" from UV exposure as quickly as WOOD.
Hope this helps,