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23rd August 2006, 08:34 PM
Would like to have some feedback on the new Evo 90 and Kombat 87. Currently I have the Evo74 ?06 which I will keep as my small board (super board!) and I want to complement it with a larger board.

I sail the Evo 74 with a 4.2 m2 to a well powered 5.3m2 sail. With a "normal" 5.3m2-6.4 m2 I am currently using a Fanatic FW98 (which I will sell). I am looking for a board around 90 liters and have the Kombat 87 and the Evo 90 in mind (the Evo 80 seems to close in volume for me). How do these boards perform with 5.3-6.0 (6.4) sails? i.e. what is the sweet spot for each board?

How does the width of the Evo 90 handle 5.3m2 conditions? Does it get nervous and bouncy with the 62 cm width (the kombat has only 59cm)? The board is to be used mainly in small x-on/onshore waves (1-1.5m) but also occasionally for B&J. I weigh 84 kg. I have the ambition of having a third board of approx 105 liters i.e. a three-board range.
Thanx! /Surfmeister

24th August 2006, 02:51 AM
If you choose between this two boards is not that hard. The hard part will be decideing on what you want to focus on. I haven't ridden the new 90 yet, but based on riding the new 70 and 80 and the old 91 I can safely say it will handle powered 5.3 at your weight. I'll ask Scotty to comment more on the sweet spot.

The K87 (which I have and have ridden quite a lot by now) easily handles fully lit 5.3 even at my weight (69) and will do it for you to. A sweet board with a sick turn (both bottom turn and flat water turn) which is very reminescent of the Pure Acids. It will not go vert in the same way as the EVOs though in slower waves, more onshore etc it will require a lot better technique to rip. In better stuff it will rip, but in a different way than the EVOs. For me the K87 easily handles 6.4 and I think it will do that for you to with a bigger fin. For backside and B&J stuff the K87 is super nice.

So the choice will be EVO is you have focus on frontside riding and K87 if you don't focus on frontside riding that much and want a faster feeling board that also is more natural in a B&J setting.

scott mckercher
24th August 2006, 06:51 AM
I agree with ola that you have to decide what you want it for. The evo 90 will handle the 5.3 no problem, but the Kombat does have a more lively bump and jump planing feel.
The Kombat does do backside riding quite nicely, and a more freeridey planing feel. but if you're wanting to focus on wave performance, going frontside fitting into tighter pockets, the you might find the Komabt a little stiff, and the evo more up your alley.
I also weigh 84 Kilo's and would choose the Evo 90 for when it's super light wind and i want to get out into waves of quality when it's light. You can throw it around and create drive when there's not muchwind to help you out.
So basically I think you need to decide what you want it for. If you're going to go another bigger board for general blasting about in lighter wind, i'd go the evo 90, but all I really want to do is ride waves, so I'm biased

24th August 2006, 08:19 PM
Hi Surfmeister,

I agree with Scott fron the perspective of a less advanced sailor who also weighs 83 kg and has a strong preference for the waves.

I find the sweet spot for the E92 to be 5.3 - 6.0 so I think the size is perfect. My next larger board is the AE117 which I find the perfect larger step if your priority is waves.

Good luck,

24th August 2006, 09:16 PM

I have the same problems that Surfmeister.
I have a acid 74 2007 and I want to change my freestyle wave 85-90l.
last year I tried evo 83 and it was good for my use in light and medium wind (15/25 nds 5.7 and 5.0 weight 80 kg).
The evo 80 2007 was my first idea but maybe the 80 is too small this year... is it really more small evo 83 ?
An another choice will be the KB 87 but it's seem to be very freeride board for my use (small waves side or side on or medium wave lightwind) .
I search a board which have a good planning and able to surf correctly waves 2m max

25th August 2006, 03:35 AM
I have the 07 PA 74 tooas well as the E80 and K87. First, I don't find the 2007 E80 any smaller than the E83 in practical sailing. Might be a liter or two less, but it sails the same size wise. So, if you like the feel of the E83, I think you're gonna love the E80. This board should be your natural choice if you want your light winder to perform the best possible in smaller slower waves. There is no beating the EVO here and as you know it good in the great stuff to (only different from the Acids).

The K87 may sound freerideish, but it in fact has the same rocker and bottom as the pure acids and I definitely consider it a real wave board. It turns very similar to the PA74, but its wider so you can push it more at slower speeds. The wider tail helps planing and keeping speed on the way out too. The width (and tail width) will make the board reach its limit on a fast wave sooner or later, but then you will be on your 74 (unless you need a big volume board for light winds in good, fast waves). So, if the K87 now is such a good match for the PA74, why isn't it an ideal light wind wave baord?. Well, simply because the faster rocker of both these boards can't be turned as sharp and fit in the pocket as an (more heavily rockered) EVO and wont keep speed in a more drawn out "low powred" onshore bottom turn either.

So, while I'm very impressed with the K87 myself, I personally would never choose it over the E80 for waves (if I had the choose). There are two reasons. 1. I like the EVO feel over the Acid feel generally. EVOs just fit me. 2. I love riding waves. No matter how bad the conditions are, if I have the slightest chance of hitting a lip, I will try. In such conditions the EVO gives me the best possible odds to do so.

This is not to say the K87 is not able to "surf correctly waves 2m max" because it is. If you want to mimic the PA74 feel but in slower stuff, the K87 is probably your best bet.

I hope this rambling makes at least some sense...

26th August 2006, 06:10 AM
Thanks a lot for our answer and your feedback Ola . I have to choose between the two boards now :). In fact it will be my big board for waves and choppy spot. It's right I'am one of the rare persons who is not very fan EVO feeling, I prefer classic waveboard like acid... but maybe I will try a evo for this year and maybe I will change my point of view