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24th August 2006, 10:15 AM
Whats happen to Rodger

24th August 2006, 12:11 PM
Hi Egor,
I guess they decided to "consolidate" the "Ask Roger" forum back into the Windsurifng School (where it originally started way back when).
I'm here, ready to answer any questions you have, but the "Ask Roger"
Intro page is gone.
Hope this helps,

25th August 2006, 08:23 PM
Hello Roger,
I am so glad that you are still here. I like the new look and login procedure. I hope that this will stop some of the spam. I have learned much from your discussion.
I finally got out on my new Hybrid Carve. It was a gusty afternoon at a local lake. I was using my Rushwind 7.5. When a gust came up I sheeted out for optimum forward push and then started to sheet in as I placed my weight on my back foot in the centerline of the board. The nose came up and the board was pushing a lot of water. As my speed picked up, the nose stared to waver a bit. I suspect that another few mph and the nose would have dropped onto plane. But alas the wind let up and was relegated to sub-planing conditions. Is it possible to get onto plane by just increasing speed until the board is cruising and then move back on the board? I understand that the attitude of the board must be such that the nose is out of the water but can this be accomplished without the water-pushing stage?
I love the feel of the Carve. It is easy on the feet and very stable. It differs from my old long boards in a jibe as it will submarine if I get the sail over the nose. Should I just stay further back on the board?
Now I am looking toward getting to Ninigret for some stronger, more consistent wind.
Ellen, if you are out there, I would love to take lesson with my new board so you could give me some feedback on technique.


25th August 2006, 08:52 PM
Hi JP.
Glad to hear you got out on your new Hybrid Carve.
Sounds like you are staying too far forward on your board.
The HC is almost unique in that it just "transitions" from sub planing to
planing, but the "pushing water" and the nose sinking would suggest to me that you are not getting back far enough on the board to allow this to happen.
Where did you place the mast foot?
For sub-planing to planing conditions I found that pretty much in the center (front to back) of the slot would work well with a 7.5 m2 rig.
I think for your board to plane nicely you will have to get your rear foot behind the front footstraps (actually about midway between the front and rear footstraps) to get the planing surfaces at the back of the board inclined correctly. Give this a try.
The only time you need to stand up forward, by the mast foot, is when you want to maximize the waterline length with the center board down to go upwind at max. angle. Then a little lee rail down with the front foot moved down to the centerline and the rear foot downwind a little from the centerline and you can "rail" the HC slightly to get max. lift from the CB and max. waterline length.
Hope this helps,

25th August 2006, 09:10 PM
Hello Roger,
I have mastfoot in the middle position as this was my first time out on the board. I was in variable winds. The board pointed up very well with the centerboard down. I only encountered the nose burying when I was in subplaning conditions and jibing. When I intended to get up onto plane, My back foot was between the front and back footstraps. I tried to place all my weight on the back foot and was working toward getting my front foot in the footstrap. The board's attitude was nose out of the water. I was thinking about your advice that most beginners sheet in too quickly and do not 'go throgh the gears'. I weigh about 200lbs. so it may take a bit more wind to get me to the necessary speed for planing. I have yet to feel the fin 'hook in' . Can the board plane without having all the weight on the harness? I know that I am just a few tips from planing. Hopefully, I can get some crucial feedback from Ellen when she sees my efforts. Thanks again.