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24th August 2006, 02:56 PM
I'm a relative new-comer to waves and pure wave boards. I have difficulties getting upwind. I'used to riding a freestyle/ -wave types of boards with fins 25-30 cms. No problem upwinding those, but on a waveboard (mine's 2005 Acid80) I have problems getting upwind. Pushing the fin with the back leg causes spin-outs easily. Do I have to dig the windward rail in to water more to get some more leverage to push against with these narrower boards? My board's smallish for my 83ish kg's. I'm using 30" lines and I try to lean as much against the lines by bending the front leg, so that the harness digs into my side as I want to go upwind. My freestyleboard does so, but the Acid80 doesn't. I also understand that a waveboard is not so eager to go upwind than a wider freestyleboard, but if the pro's can do it, so should everyone else. At the moment I also push the boom down a little bit to get some pressure on to the mastfoot and I usually move my backhand more forward when going upwind. Should I try moving the straps and fin backwards a bit? Any advice on technique?

Ray Timm
24th August 2006, 09:08 PM
I'm the same weight as you are and have owned all of all of the Surf/Acid line starting with the Surf 78. The main thing is to be well powered up and don't let your speed drop. Keep lots of pressure on the mastfoot and be light footed with your back foot. I also like shorter harness, 24-26", lines for working upwind.

Waveboard also are quite sensitive to how the sail is tuned. Not having a enough downhaul can really affect how well you can go upwind. Also stick a bit larger fin in it than it came with until you get used to it. I highly recommend the new Drake wave fins.

And give yourself some more time to used to the board. I remember the first time I went to Hawaii and sailed my first waveboard. I couldn't believe how small the fins were and I spun out a lot until I got used to it. Once you get used to the Acid 80, it will go upwind better than you can imagine.

24th August 2006, 10:14 PM
The further back the fin is in the box, the harder you can push on it.