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15th February 2007, 05:32 AM

Assuming a 10-15 knots and the same equipment in each board (sails, mast, boom, fin), wich one will get onto the plane early, and wich one will be faster ??

Me and my friend were sailing in a formula 175 (2002) and formula 186 (2003), and the 186 it's planning early and easy in that range of wind, it's that because the 186 its a wider board ??? , or its because the difference in liters ??


16th February 2007, 06:07 AM
The Formula will plane sooner.

And due to both volume as well as width, a formula board thanks it's early planing abilities. So if the 186 is wider, this will influence the board's early planing abilities.

Hope this helps.

16th February 2007, 08:57 AM
Hi James,
I'd agree with Julian here, but I'm puzzled about the older Formula boards you mention.
The F-175 came out in 2001:
Here's the specs.:
Length: 270 cm
Width: 95 cm
1 ' off tail width: 69.5 cm
Volume: 175 liters (virtual) 153 liters actual (tank tested).
In 2002 there were 2 versions of the 186 liter formula board.
Here's the specs:
Length 268 cm
Width 100 cm
1 ' off Tail width: 73.5 cm
Volume: 186 liters (virtual) 172 liters (actual tank tested)
Length: 264 cm
Width: 100 cm
1 ' off Tail width: 73.5 cm
Volume: 186 liters (virtual) 155 liters (actual tank tested)
And, let's compare that with the new Formula 161 which I think planes earlier than all of the others:
Length: 228 cm
Width: 100.5 cm
1 ' off Tail width: 81.1 cm
Volume: 161 liters (actual tank tested)
So, why I would agree with Julian is that the F-161 is the widest, has more volume than all but the F-186 (early production before the ISAF
cutoff date) and since I've sailed it I very easily figured out is was a very early planer.
Now, you would have to decide where your priorities lie to determine which board suits you the best (Formula (new or old) vs the Isonic 155.
The Isonic has volume, but not width so I would not expect it to plane up as early as the F-161. (I have the Isonic 145, and while it planes up extremely early for a "slalom board", it's not really a match for the formula boards.
Fin size, footstrap offset (both functions of tail width) and the overall rockerline and planform are set up more for higher speeds with smaller fins and rigs, and less for early planing, but I'm sure the Isonic 155 won't disappoint you.
9 or 10 knots, with good skills and a 9.0 m2 + rig and you should be planing.
If you are going slalom sailing, you would normally use a smaller fin (high upwind and deep downwind are not so important to slalom racers as they are to formula racers who only go as high upwind as possible and as far off the wind as possible due to the courses normally set for formula vs slalom.
So, if you are racing formula, the F-161 with a 70 cm Kashy fin seems to be the current hot setup, and that's what you will need to do well in the upcoming spring formula races.
But wait...... I think I've heard that there will be mixed Formula and Slalom formats at alot of events this year.
If the winds are really light, the larger "light wind" Isonics could be pretty good. If the winds are stonger, the smaller 133-87 Isonics should prove to be the right tools.
Hope this helps,

16th February 2007, 09:53 AM
I'm really intrigued... I want to try the 161 to see how early I could plane on it. :-)

I am curious about the changes in the widths and volumes between the F-Types and the larger iSonics. The largest iSonic is about as wide my F-Type 148 but with a bit more volume. Would I expect it to plane earlier or not?

Maybe I'll get a chance to try your iS145 at Windfest.

17th February 2007, 12:54 AM
Hi Bill,W
Yes, you can try the Is 145 at Windfest.
I currently do not have the F-161, and there are currently no plans
for me to get another one.
I had the first one in the country back at the Trade Show in Sept., but
it was sold and I only had it for a few days.
I'll also have the Isonic 122 and 101 which I just sailed every day in
Great boards, and the Is 122 with the 8.5 m2 Sailworks NX slm was pretty much the early planing champ (for recreational sailors, not the Pro's and Bonaire Freestyle kids) while I was sailing Lac Bay.
I hope to get another Is 101 by the Windfest in Hatteras. It's super fast and easy to sail with 5.6 & 6.6 Sailworks Huckers and I can't wait to try it out with the new 7.2 and 6.6 NX slm's I have, but could not take to Bonaire.
Hope this helps,

17th February 2007, 03:22 AM
I loved the is101 (and I loved the fact that the iS105 was very close in comparison).

How do you like the 6.6 Hucker? I am getting ready to pull the trigger to buy one.

I'll probably try to get a ride on the iS122 at Windfest too. I'm curious how my 73cm wide slalom will compare to it.

18th February 2007, 08:22 PM
Hi Bill,
I like the 6.6 Hucker a whole lot.
Lot's of power (pulls like a tugboat), planes up very early
on the Is 122,
The winds at Lac Bay were quite "variable" so I got to retune the
6.6 m2 Hucker through it's entire range.
Full power when the winds died down, to best top speed and handling when the squalls came through.
A little more downhaul and the top of the sail loosens up nicely, making the sail nuch more forgiving.
Remove some downhaul tension and readjust the AO and this little sail really powers up.
Hpe this helps,

19th February 2007, 12:55 AM
Thanks. I'll be using it with a Powerex zFree 460. Hopefully that turns out to be a good mast for me. I will need to get another mast since my 4.8, 5.6 & 6.6 Huckers will be using my 430 and 460 zFree masts. There will be a time when I want to rig both the 5.6 & 6.6 on my current 460 in order to put the 4.8 on my 430. I have been assuming I would get a 460 backbone for the 5.6. I have had good luck with the 5.6 on my 460, but wonder how the Backbone would feel in comparison.

19th February 2007, 03:31 AM
Hi Bill,
Definitely go after the 460 Backbone!
It will open up a whole new range for the 5.6 and 6.6 Huckers.
The 6.6 Hucker really rigs best on the 460 Lightstick (according to
Bruce P. the designer) and I have yet to try that combination.
I took Joysticks and Backbones to Bonaire, but wish I had taken the 460 Lightstick as well.
We can rig up both sails on the different masts so you can see and feel the differences at Windfest.
Hope this helps,
Hope this helps,