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Tom A
24th August 2006, 07:01 PM
Whenever I come to remove my fin at the end of a session I find its pretty difficult to get out, and involves me carefully putting pressure on it forward and back. I'm a bit worried that this leverage is putting too much pressure on the fin boxand may crack it, I have already noticed a bit of paint coming off. I've tried not tightening the bolts so much but there needs to be a certain amount of tension just to pull the fin in the whole way.

Can you advise anything I can do? Also is it ok that the paint has chipped or does it need repairing?

This is on a Carve 145

25th August 2006, 12:42 AM
Hi Tom,

I've got one fin that's a bear to remove. In reality, I should do some sanding on the base to ensure a better fit. In the meantime, I have been applying some surfboard wax to help in the insertion and removal process. It has helped a lot. In the past, Roger Jackson has recommended the use of bar soap. Either way, I'm sure it will help to make things easier.

25th August 2006, 09:19 AM
Hi Tom,
Yes, rub some soap on your fin before you install it.
Then install it normally, but take it back out again and check where
the soap has turned dark and shiny vs where it's still dull like when you
rubbed it on.
Take a smooth (single cut) file and work off the dark shiny spots.
Actually, this is the way a Tuttle fin is supposed to fit, nice and snug and you need to work it down into the fin box and back out again at the end of the day, but not so tight that it cracks the paint.
Just rubbing some soap on the fin root will "lubricate" it so it's significantly easier to push your fin in and to get it back out again.
Actually, to get your tight fitting fins out of a Tuttle box, it's best to use a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer.
Smack the fin lightly toward the back of the board after removing your fin screws and the fin should come out with just a little back and forth (front to back here) rocking to loosen it.
Do not file or sand the sides of your Tuttle fin root down until the fin just
"drops" into the finbox. That is too loose and the fin looses a significant
amount of it's rigidness (side to side) if you fit the fin too loosely in the fin box.
Hope this helps,

25th August 2006, 09:36 AM
A related question. I've got one fin that sits so deeply into the fin box on my F-type that when it's screwed in, the base of the fin is recessed 3mm from the board. Should I put something around the fin to prevent this or is it irrelevant?


Tom A
25th August 2006, 05:25 PM
Thanks for that, I'll give it a go this weekend. Do I need to do anything about the bit of paint that has chipped off?

25th August 2006, 09:07 PM
Hi Matthew and Tom A,
For Matthew,
Yes, you need to place some "shim" material (or build up the length of the fin root) to bring your fin back up so the root is "flush" with the bottom of your board.
You can use a few layers of clear plastic tape to "shim" the front and rear taper/radius of your fin until the fin root comes up flush with normal fin bolt pressure. Might also be a good idea to put a layer or 2 of the tape on the sides of your fin root if it's loose and "wobbly" in the fin box.
Best way to bring the fin back up is to use a little filled epoxy and build up the radius on the front and rear angles of the fin root.
You can apply a little epoxy and use tape to "shape" it to the correct radius. The a few strokes with a smooth file and your fin will fit at the correct height.
For Tom A,
Yes, you could "touch up" the paint around the fin boc=x, but it's would be only for the "cosmetic effect".
Your fin box is about 1/2-3/4" thick in all directions around the fin cavity so if it chips a little, it's purely cosmetic and will not allow any leakage into the inner core of your board.
Hope this helps,