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25th August 2006, 02:08 AM
Yesterday I had a great chance to fully try my AE127 in coastal wavy conditions.
Winds were 15 knots rising to 24 knots. I'm 97 kgs and sails were Tushingham T-Bird 7.5 and Storm 5.75. Fin Lessacher duo 32 weed(there was weed)
My impressions were that the Aero, in these conditions performed much better than t.ex. my former Carve boards. It's very turnable and you can ride the waves a lot more than with the longer more straight designs. It's size is not really felt that much and the float makes it a dream when the wind drops and you have to carry through in the swell.
Anyway 7.5 is not really loose (boom 216 cm) and invites more to freeride sailing. Jumping it with a 7.5 freeride sail is a little out of control. I will get a 6.5 wave sail as max. 5.75 is excellent even for this size of board. The short length of the board makes it turny but if the shoulders catch you don't get much warning before it throws you forward. The Carves are more secure in this.
Straps could be located a little more aft. I use them inboard with double straps rear. The tail is too wide for a single strap.

I really appreciate the performance of this board in these conditions. In 24 knots I could easily be on something smaller but didn't miss it.
Wonder how the new combats perform compared to the Aeros...


25th August 2006, 04:52 AM
yup wondering the same here,
kombats where are the kombats!?

they dont seem to arrive here!

good winds