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22nd February 2007, 09:14 AM

You are the authority on this. Can you give me a rundown of all the masts you have used on the Huckers. Any detailed results you have had paired with their ideal use. I am also curious if you have noticed any differences between the Sailworks Backbone and the Powerex RDM?

Cheers, Tim

22nd February 2007, 09:19 AM
I'm interested as well.

I plan on trying Roger's Backbone with my 5.6 (and soon to be purchased 6.6). I need to get another mast in my quiver to be able to rig my sails at once. I also want to try a few Powerex options. I'm wondering whether I would be better off getting a Backbone for my 5.6 or a zSpeed for my 6.6. I have been pretty happy with my zFree 430 for my 4.8 and 5.6 so far, but again, I can't have both rigged at once without getting another mast.

Does sailor weight affect which mast would be optimum for one of these sails?

23rd February 2007, 09:07 PM
Hi guys,
An "authority"...... OK, if you say so.
I've used Sailworks Backbone RDM's, Powerex RDM's, Sailworks SDM's, and Powerex SDMs.
Here's what I've tried, and what I think worked the best, but on any given day what works the best may be a little different.
On 4.2 Hucker I've used Backbone 400 RDM and a Lipstick 400 SDM, but have yet to try the Lipstick 370 SDM. I've only used this little sail a couple of times as I don't see 4.2 conditions all that often, and since I have very little "real time" expereince I'm not going to say what worked best, only that the little 4.2 gives a significantly different amount of power and the "feel" is quite different as well, just by changing the masts.
On the 4.8 Hucker I've used the Backbone 430 RDM, Powerex Prepreg 90% carbon wave 430 RDM and Powerex Z Speed SDM 430 and
Sailworks Joystick and Speedstick 430's. Each mast makes the sail a little different. If I want max power, I use the Backbone in the 4.8 Hucker to make it about like anyones else's 5.2-5.5.
If I want a little less power, but more "loft" for jumps, and tighter overall feel, then the Joystick/Speedstick/Z speed 430's are the way to go. I have a couple of other 430's yet to try.
In the 5.6 m2 Hucker I've rigged Backbone 430 RDM, The Powerex Prepreg Wave 430 RDM, 430 Speedstick/Joystick/Z-Speed 430 SDM
and the Backbone 460 RDM.
Again, if you want power and a little "looser" feel, use the RDM's (and there will be a little difference in top twist and power in the upper part of the sail between the Backbone and Powerex RDM's).
If you want more power and less twist in the top, and a little less power overall, use the SDM's.
On the new '07 6.6 Hucker I just got, and used extensively in Bonaire, I used the Joystick 460 and the Backbone 460.
I'm looking forward to an apportunity to try this little sail on a Lightstick 460 race mast in the next few weeks.
The great ting about Huckers is that you can change the power and feel in the sail by changing masts, by normal tuning methods (downhaul and outhaul) on the same mast, and go from a super bump and jump/recreational type sail with lots of power for it's size, to a lean, mean high wind slalom sail with lots of stability and speed.
Hope this helps,

23rd February 2007, 11:20 PM
Thanks Roger. One more question...

as a rule of thumb, can a lighter sailor get away with a zFree 430 vs. a zSpeed 430? I'm wondering whether the cut off for when to use each of these masts would change for someone weighing at 140-145 pounds.

I currently have a zFree 430, zFree 460 and zSpeed 490.

Do I get a 460 Backbone for the 5.6 or the zSpeed 460 for the 6.6? Which do you think I would benefit from the most?


Out of curiosity, are you heading down to Calema Mid-Winters?

8th March 2007, 02:35 AM

You are always a wealth of information, thanks for the great detailed reply!

On another note for the 4.8 and 5.6 Huckers what have you found to be the ideal windrange for you to comfortably sail them in with a slalom board ie: isonic 101?

Anyone else have suggestions on the range they have experienced out of the 4.8 and 5.6?

Cheers, Tim

8th March 2007, 03:29 AM
Tim, your answer will depend on how much chop exists. I have used my iSonic 105 with my 4.8 & 5.6 Huckers. They are great sails for me. When there is chop, I don't find I'm as fast as I could be with a freeride board. I would say I'm comfortable, but not super fast. Again, I'm pretty light...that's another key factor in all this.

If I had to guess, I was using the 4.8 with my iSonic 105 (and I tried Roger's iSonic 101) in ~20-22 knots. I recall using my 26cm weed fin.

8th March 2007, 06:18 AM
Hi Tim,
Bill (o2bnme) has if right.
I've used the 4.8 Hucker in close to 25 knots, but the chop makes the Isonic 101 a bit of a handful for us lightweights.
I've used the 5.6 in probably 13-14 knots all the way up to close to 20 knots.
I cannot stress enough how changing the masts makes a huge difference in the available power, and were that power is in the sail.
The 5.6 m2 Hucker has the most testing (both by me and by the Sailworks loft team) and if you want a fast slalom sail, capable of winning slalom races in the Gorge, use a Backbone 460 cm RDM and really put some downhaul and outhaul on the sail to lean it out.
It still has a bit of power higher up and further back than most sails, but you can regulate this power easily with downhaul.
Same sail, with a 430 RDM (significantly softer in bend characteristics
and you get way more power lower in the sail.
Use a 430 SDM mast and you get more power up in the top and a great jumping sail to get lots of vertical "loft".
I agree with Bill that somewhere a bit over 20 knots, unless the water is super smooth, I go a bit faster on smaller narrower boards than the Isonic. Wish I had the 87 liter Isonic as well for those days, but I'm currently using the Kombat 97 and Pure Acid 80.
Hope this helps,

8th March 2007, 09:33 AM
Man, I'm having trouble deciding what mast to get when I buy the 6.6. 460 Backbone for the 5.6 or 460 zSpeed for the 6.6.

8th March 2007, 09:04 PM
Hi o2bnme,
Get both!
You won't regret it at all.
More masts will give you a significantly greater tuning range
with both ssils.
Want your big Hucker real juicy and powerful, use the Backbone.
Want your 5.6 Hucker all trimmed out for top speed, again the Backbone 460.
Want a little less bottom end but a better handling 6.6, use the SW Lightstick or Powerex Z-Speed 460.

9th March 2007, 01:28 AM
Thanks Roger. Sounds like I'll be happier with the Backbone as a starting point. Then, I can get the zSpeed/Lightstick in the future.

I'd love to get two masts right away, but the Gemini is higher on the priority list. ;-)

9th March 2007, 08:53 AM
That's exactly what I got. 6.6 Hucker and 460 Backbone RDM. I haven't got to use it yet but I bought all my windsurfing equipment based on Roger's recommendations and it never disappointed me. I can't wait to try it all out. Hopefully it will get warmer soon.