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25th August 2006, 06:18 AM
Hey guys.

When I go to flip 360 I can backwind the sail and start my rotation fine but everytime I start to spin, the heel edge (first windward now leeward edge) digs deep into the water and I get thrown on my back. I was just wondering why this happens and how I can fix it. I have no problem sailing backwinded and I can sailbody 360 and heli tack really well. Maybe my foot should be more to the leeward edge to start off?

This only seems to happen when there is more wind and I spin faster. In 3 knots to 5 im fine but 7 and up the edge just sinks and I loose all control.

I have a Go 139 and sail with a 5.0 wave sail and a 6.6 freeride sail with twin cams. I am 130 pounds, have sailed 8 times in my life and am 5'10". Any help would be great.

Talk to you guys later and thanks a lot


PS just wondering what other tricks I could do with out jumping the board. I am planning to learn how to swich stance sail and switch stance cutback. Any tips on those would be great too. I think the switch stance cut back is like a snap jipe but switchstance and not going upwind.

Chris Pressler
6th September 2006, 06:28 PM
Hi Thomas,
cool you are working on the FLIP 360, which is also called DONUT or UPWIND 360ty. It?s an upwind 360ty rotation In the beginning you start to practice the move out of the straps and later you can stick it having both feets inside the straps with full speed. Later on the flaka, airflaka or shaka will follow this move, which can be the introduction to your personal freestyle career.
How to make the FLIP 360ty.

Go upwind like introducing the helitack with your 5.0 m sail.
Slip back with your sailarm on the boom and have a wide stance with your legs. The front leg close to the mastfoot, your turning point, and the backleg in between the front and backstraps along the middle line of your GO 139.
Shove the sail a bit more forward like making a helitack, stretch your mastarm and bend your sailarm. As well you must bend your front leg in the knee and ankle and stretch your back leg. Keep the weight on the toes. Your board will start to turn downwind. Keep your mast leaned to the leeside while getting pressure in your sail being on the backside. Now it?s time to look over your frontshoulder directly downwind and give some pressure in your sail with your sailarm. The nose will turn through the wind and your sail will go through the wind. Get the weight on your heels and on the backfoot and catch the sail with your sailarm, perhaps slipping closer to th emast aaagain. If you are good in this you can rotate in a second FLIP 360 immediately.

Further tricks:
Duck Tack
Clew First Heli Tack
Clew First Flip 360ty

All the best and keep me updated about your success,
Chris Pressler