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2nd March 2007, 09:17 PM
Hi roger,

It is a blizzard outside and i am dreaming of spring. I've been considering getting a new board either this spring or next fall, but thought i'd start with some research while it snows. Anyway,
I have a carve 111 (which i really enjoy) that i use primarily with a 5.5 and 6.5 rig. Last year i had several days where i was terribly overpowered (other people on 4.5's) and several others where I just didn't even try because the wind was too much and i didn't have a smaller sail. I now have a 4.7 and am looking forward to using it and am anticipating a smaller board at some point might be nice to go with it. So my question is two-fold. 1) what size ~85, ~90, ~95? 2) what sort of board acid? kombat? carve? s-type? Depending on the size it would rule some of these out. I know the acid is a wave board , but i had read some positive things about it as a bump and jump board also.
I weigh a bit over 80kg. I sail in a big reservoir from a large river dam. The conditions are often gusty, primarily on shore wind, sizeable chop and large wind swell (waist - shoulder high) forms in high wind. There are no real waves. Hence I am looking for a good board for bump and jump type fun that also has decent upwind capability. AS far as my ability, I was starting to learn to jibe and jump last year, neither of which I can competently do (but hopefully I will be getting the hang of this year). I am still working on improving my ability to ride upwind, struggle to point as high as others i sail with. This will be my third season. I am comfortable blasting around in the straps, doing an occasional chop hop, carving turns on the chop/swell, and attempt the occasional disasterous jibe. I imagine i should learn to jibe the carve before stepping down, but it is snowing and I am dreaming of the future. Anyway, any advice would be most appreciated as always.

3rd March 2007, 01:32 AM
I also wait advises since Jeff looks to be my clone (tehcnically and emotionnally!)

3rd March 2007, 06:24 AM
Hi Jeff, and mheppell,
I think I would suggest an older Carve 90 or the Kombat 96/97.
At around 80-85 Kg, you are going to run into "the sinker syndrome" quite a bit sooner on your freshwater reservoir or Canadian Rivers.
So, I hesitate to suggest something "too small" that you absolutely have to waterstart/beachstart.
If you both have waterstarting mastered, then something a bit smaller (down to around 85 liters might do, but since you are both inland sailors what about when the wind dies? Do you sail close enough to shore to swim in towing your rig and board? Just something to consider here.
As far as upwind capability, most of the boards you mention will go upwind pretty well with the right fin (and it takes a quiver of a few fins to cover your various sail sizes).
If you want looser and turnier, a small bump and jump or wave type fin (with a very curvy planform) is what you need.
If you want to stay upwind and get better upwind performance, then a more vertical blade type slalom fin is the ticket.
Put a good slalom blade on your Carve 111 and you will increase it's upwind performance noticeably.
So, I think your decision process must first be volume based, then the type of board based (you can alter this slightly with different fins) and
finally you can choose whether you want a more turny loose board or something that jibes well but still goes upwind well (again fin selection can be a very significant factor).
Hope this helps,

3rd March 2007, 09:12 AM
Thank you roger, that is very helpful. Any comments on the pros/cons of the carve 90 vs the kombat 96/97? I can waterstart fine, but, as you suggest, having a bit of extra volume to carry through any lulls might be helpful.

3rd March 2007, 10:17 PM
Hi Jeff,
The Carve 90 (like the other small Carves) jibes beautifully (almost jibes by itself in moderate conditions) but so do the Kombats.
The Carve will be a bit faster (although the new '06 Kombat 96 and the '07 Kombat 97 are pretty fast).
The Kombats have a bit more "pop" (when you get the mast foot trimmed correctly) than the Carve, so for jumping the Kombats would be a little better.
Hope this helps,

4th March 2007, 12:43 AM
Thank you roger!