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13th March 2007, 01:13 AM
Do you know where I can get 2 carriage bolts for an original Formula 155 fin?

13th March 2007, 02:29 AM
Not knowing the year of the board, if it is more recent than 2001, you can go here...


Otherwise, I don't know what to say.

If you find it on that list, then you can either find the bolts in a hardware store or order a set online. I've seen numerous online stores that sell stainless steel bolts.

13th March 2007, 09:17 AM
Hello Kevin,
Ummmm I don't think you want carriage bolts!
And for at least 2 reasons:
1st I've never seen 303 CRES (non magnetic austenitic stainless steel)
carriage bolts. They are usually very low grade (like grade 4 or less) steel and some of them are galvanized, some are not.
Might be OK in freshwater, but don't get them anywhere near the ocean.
2nd, a carriage bolt has a large round oval head, with a tapered square locking area under the head. They are made to fit into counterbored holes drilled in wooden planks (the bed or chassis of a carriage or wagon) and have the tapered square pulled down into the drilled hole in the plank to keep the head from rotating.
Not what you need for you F-155 fin at all.
What you need are:
6mm x 1.0 mm pitch slotted hex head or Phillips Pan head (Pozi Drive is OK as well) screws.
I do not see the F-155 on the list, so I'll paste in a couple of 2002 boards that should about the same thickness and use similar length screws.
Formula 136 Deep Tuttle Race 65 M6x1.0 x 45+60mm lg.
Formula 156 Deep Tuttle Race 70 M6x.1.0 x 55+70mm lg.
If the barrel nuts in your F-155 fin are stripped, get a 1/4-20 UNC tap and retap the barrel nuts to 1/4-20 UNC and then get 1/4-20 UNC Phillips Pan Head screws that are:
45 mm = 1.77 in.
55 mm = 2.16 in.
60 mm = 2.36 in.
70 mm = 2.75 in.
I found that Ace Hardware Stores in MN (At least in Worthington) had a pretty good selection of long metric and 1/4-20 UNC screws.
If not, any windsurfing dealer that carries Chinook can get you 6 mm x 1.0 Phillips Pan Head screws up to 90 mm long.
Be sure to get them in 303/304/316 CRES Stainless Steel.
The various head styles, etc. are illustrated in the 2002 Starboard screw thread chart I put together for them at the link suggested above.
Please double check to see if you have a Deep Tuttle box in your board and that the fin is either std. or deep Tuttle. There were a few early F-155's that had std. Tuttle boxers installed at the factory and you could not use a deep Tuttle fin in them.
Many of the F-155's came with deep Tuttle fin boxes and std. Tuttle fins and you would need some longer screws.
If youi have any doubt as to how long the screw needs to be, install the fin and then slide a long nail or pin down into the fin screw hole and measure how long a screw you need.
Don't be afrail to order the next size longer screws as you can easily cut them off and higbee cut (chamfer the imperfect threads on the cut end) them with a hacksaw and a file.
Just be sure they won't bottom out in the fin head below the brass barrel nuts.
Hope this helps,

20th March 2007, 08:00 PM
You are right - I mis-spoke. I need the carriage nuts, not bolts. I have the 2000 F-155 (http://2000.star-board.com/main2.htm). The nuts are stripped. I would prefer to get new carriage nuts and glue them in. Also if I don't retap them right I'd like to know where to get some new nuts.
Can I buy them from Starboard or anywhere else?
Who would I call or email at Starboard to get them?

Thanks for your help.

20th March 2007, 10:20 PM
Hi Kevin,
You are trying, I'll give you that! :D
What you need are new "Barrel nuts" for your fin.
Send your address to my email, and I will send you a couple of new
brass barrel nuts for that fin.
Best if you remove the existing nuts (take a flat round punch slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the barrel nut and drive it out of the fin with a hammer) and then measure the outside diameter of the barrel nut (with a micrometer if you have one availavle), and send me that size.
There are lot's of different sizes of barrel nuts.
As an alternative, retap to 1/4"-20 UNC as suggested above.
If that doesn't work, get a Permatex/Loctite Stripped Thread Repair kit and "rebuild" the threads to your existing 6 mm fin screws.
I'm on the road at the moment, but I can give you the kit number and all pertinent details a bit later this evening.
You could email Joey <joey@star-board.com> or <customerservice@star-board.com> and ask for some barrel nuts, but without the size (outside diameter) of your existing nuts, it would be difficult to send you the correct size for a fin and board as old as yours.
Hope this helps,