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Roly Gardner
20th March 2007, 08:02 PM
Hi All

I have been offered the above at a very low price and am thinking of buying it. I know it is old, but as I only have a Pilot 6.5 it would give me a little more wind range. It also rigs on a 4.60 mast as it has a carbon extension and my next move up with a Pilot would mean a 4.90 mast.

My Carve 145 will take up to 9.3 sail I think. I am 73 kg and sail on open water. Would this sail give me any advantage for earlier planing in light winds? I tend to sail in force 3/5 generally.

I also have a query on boom extension. I think that I would need a bigger boom to rig this sail anyway, but say that it has a max extension of 232. The 8.3 states a boom size of 230/232. I think I have heard that you lose rigidity if you extend to within 20% of the max extension. Is this right?

Thanks for your continued help!

21st March 2007, 09:52 AM
Hi Roly,
An 8.3 rig is for sure going to give you some earlier planing performance over your 6.5 m2 Pilot, but I'm not sure the Total Flow
F1 Race sail is going to be just what you need here.
I've sailed one a couple of times, and it was a pretty nice sail, but as I recall, the people who loved the Total flow were guys that took the time to get the right mast and fitting under the head spar. Not just any mast, and you have to have a fitting that fits the head spar tightly.
It's also not the easiest sail in the world to rig and tune.
If you got it all figured out, then the TF F-1 was quite good.
If you didn't get it figured out and have the right mast and fittings, then it was somewhat disappointing.
If the price for the sail is really good, and you can find a spare head spar and the right mast, go for it!
If not, perhaps a good 8.5 m2 free race sail would be alot easier on you.
As far as extending the boom, yes, when you get out to max. extension, the loading on all the other parts of your boom goes up, so the weakest link in the chain will be more prone to failure.
I like to see at least 10 cm extra in a boom because if you add more than the recommended downhaul (to flatten the sail or make up for mast/sail incompatibility) you could extend the max. clew length by as much as 4-5 cm.
Not much in windsurfing is worse than a rig that you can't outhaul fully as the sail stays drfity, baggy, and will load up too much.
So, a longer boom for the Total flow would be almost a "must".
Hope this helps,

Roly Gardner
21st March 2007, 07:22 PM
Hi Roger
That is a great help. Think I will wait and see how I get on with the 6.5 and invest in a larger freeride sail as and when I need one. Thanks also for the advice on booms. Duly noted.

Just as well that I found this site to run stuff by you! Much appreciated.


22nd March 2007, 04:10 AM

I think the 460 mast specified also had to be an IMCS of 27 or 27.5, higher than the usual IMCS of a modern standard 460.