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22nd March 2007, 08:06 PM
Dear Kevin,
in date 9/24/2003 I wrote a post about the set up of Carve 121.
Now i've to question because the problems remain:

1) At that time Roger sad me: "back is fast....move the mast foot all the way back until it's about to pop out the reare of the narrow part of the slot T-nut access. Well, when he said "all the way back until it's about to pop out" intend the screw of the mast base or the reare part of the mast twist plate ?

2) Roger wrote me also: "look to see where the water is coming out frome under your board when you are fully planing. If its coming out ahead of the front footstraps ...then you need to get both your wheigt and mast foot pressure back...." Well I've try with the mast base all the wai back but the water go out ahead or under the front foot strap and the board is non free to run (realy) on the fin. (not very loose feel) Why ? Do you think that the problem is a too much hight boom and too much shorter arnes line ? (24)


Kevin Pritchard
23rd March 2007, 11:03 AM
Well I would like to think that if you put the rear part of the mast plate that would be enough. What size fin are you using with what size sail?

What are your goals? More speed?

I always recommend going with longer lines up to 30". Once you get use to them you will love them.