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29th March 2007, 01:30 PM

29th March 2007, 05:46 PM
C144 will plane earlier, take larger sail == better in lighter winds
if winds stronger and water flat ST137 will squash C144
C144 will gybe nicer but stronger winds -> ST137

29th March 2007, 08:32 PM
Hi Andrew,
Since I don't have an S-Type 137 to compare with the Carve 144 that I do have, I cannot give a direct comparison based on my eperience with both boards on the water.
Based on the width of these boards, and what I've experienced on the other S-Types I'd say that Duracell's analysis it pretty much spot on.
The S-Type 137 at 72 cm wide x 47.2 cm (1' off) width is not going to plane up as early as the 78 cm wide x 52.1 cm (1'off).
The narrower S-Type is going to be a little faster on the top end due to both the width and a faster rockerline.
The Carve 144 is a lovely board to jibe, the S-Type's (in general) a little less so.
The S-Type is going to lose to the ?Carve 144 by a knot or 2 on the marginal planing end of the spectrum, but gain that back at the high wind range end of the spectrum, due to the difference in width.
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30th March 2007, 01:37 AM
ST137 with 9.5 works but 0 upwind in light winds. So if planing C144 will kill ST137 if not C144 will plane past ST137 (<=10 kts)! Should you do pop a wave or so with a bit more wind ths ST137 will develope unexpected flying capabilities you won&#39;t get out of the C144.

30th March 2007, 06:09 AM

How compares the Carve 133 with the S-Type 137 ???, It will plans on early in light winds than the S-type ???


30th March 2007, 09:26 AM
Hi PR43,
Since the specs are"
Carve 133 71.5 wide 46.8 (1&#39; off)
S-Type 137 72.0 wide 47.2 (1&#39; off)
I&#39;d guess that the S-Type might plane up slightly sooner. top end speeds would be equivalent with a slight advantage to the Carve 133.
I sailed the new Carve 122 a couple of days ago, and if the C-133 got the same "tuning treatments" that the &#39;07 C-122 has the difference in speed and early planing should be quite small.
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4th April 2007, 03:16 AM
Thanks Roger, as always your experience and advise are appreciated... Right now Im using a GO155 and Formula 175 (I think it&#39;s 2001/2002) with a NP DIABLO 7.7. Im looking for a mid size board, where I can uphaul and do tacks, thats the reason I was looking to the Carve 133. Im 192 pounds, do you thing I can go to 122 and be able to do tacks and uphaul ???

Did you know wich sails replace the NP DIABLO ???

Hope to have you someday here in Puerto Rico

Thanks again,

4th April 2007, 06:24 AM
Hi James,
Unless you are afflicted with some sort of a balance issue, there should be no problems for you to uphaul the Carve 122.
At first, it will seem quite "tippy" compared to the GO 155 and F-175,
but you will quickly adjust.
It may take a seession or two to get really comfortable, but you&#39;ll get
You can tack an even smaller board (down to around 100-105 liters I&#39;d say), if you modify your "tacking technique" so that you stay back on the board and "step over" the lower part of the mast. This keeps you in the widest part of the board and also keeps you very close to the boards centerline.
There are lot&#39;s of good sails in the 7.5-8.5 m2.
Sailworks Retro is good, NP V6/V8,, Severne Gator or Glide.
I just finished a session on the Serenity, the Apollo, and an attempt at planing on the Isonic 122 with the Severne 7.5 m2 Glide.
The German Surf Magazine tested the 7.5 Glide and suggest it&#39;s almost equal to a 9.0 m2 from some other lofts.
I know I had the Serenity truly flying, with the waterline moved all the way back to the handle in the middle of the board in 8-12 knots of wind.
Then I took out the Apollo and was pretty shocked when the big Apollo took off smartly and planed away at a very fast clip with the 7.5 Glide.
The wind died down to < 8 knots and shifted more to the east, so I didn&#39;t get planing on the Isoninc 122.
I had it rigged on a Severne Redline 100% carbon mast (Italica built from the look of it) with an HPL all carbon slalom boom.
Made for a remarkably light weight, but powerful 7.5m2 rig.
Hope this helps,