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mark laing
8th April 2007, 09:39 AM
rodger I have sailed longboards for ten years.Four years ago I bought a 02 go 200 as a replacement for longboards. Seeing pictures of Svein flying around on the same board looked so cool. I of course do not look like Svein flying around. Friends and shop owners tell me to buy a different board. I assume there is a certain amount of salesmanship involved.If my skills improved what kind of performance is possible with this board? Was it very good in 02 thanks mark

02 go 200, 02 np spirit 8.0 85kg, longbording skillsets

8th April 2007, 01:51 PM
Hi Mark,
The 2002 Go 200 (90 cm wide) was a pretty good performer.
I think the 170 was preferable (esp. for ligher weight sailors, and the
140 was really good for the ladies and super liteweights.
What problems are you having?
What wind speeds do you get to sail in?
What sail sizes do you have to chose from?
What is your weight?
If you are over 190 lbs. (86 Kg.) you have the right board to suit your weight, but maybe you don't have large enough rigs.
Coming form a longboard (which as a general rule use somewhat smaller rigs) you may not be putting enough power on the GO 200 to really get the performance out of it.
Give some answers to the above questions and we can zero in on what may be causing your board not to perform.
What size fin are you using.....the OEM 58 cm... or something else?
Hope this helps,