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16th August 2006, 08:12 PM
Hmm .. I have been checking out the new site and I think that I am amazed that registration is required to post messages. Is this correct?

This is amazing. SB had the most popular windsurfing forum in the world, in my opinion because it was easy and fun to post messages, and now the forum seems to be just like the Maui Sails, Neil Pryde, Gaastra forums etc.

Have I missed something here?

Other feedback ... can you compress the formatting of the messages in each thread. Endlessly scrolling down the page is hard to read and painful.

Good luck with your new forum. I think you'll need. I am going to hang out one of the many other 'registration required' forums.

17th August 2006, 01:13 PM
This is amazing. SB had the most popular windsurfing forum in the world, in my opinion because it was easy and fun to post messages,
Unfortunately, it was also very easy for numerous idiots to have fun posting insults, porn links, advertising spam, etc, etc. Is this forum going to be the same as those you mention ? We'll see.

17th August 2006, 07:17 PM
I prefer it, because at one time, I hadn't looked at the site for several weeks as had been away for work, and logged on to find about 5 threads that had been started by the Hardie signature that wasn't me, so I tuned out for more than a month as I was not going to be lured by that sort of bait. And my complaint was not alone, many others complained of the same thing, so overall it's better, it's the best worldwide windsurfing forum on the planet (seabreeze.com is the best in Australia), when working well, only ruined by unanimous trolls, hopefully will return to an informative range of ideas and worldwide connecting!!!!!!!:D

18th August 2006, 01:09 AM
Like Hardie, impostors used my identity and posted rude, sexual or unacceptable comments. With reasonable registration requirements, this is no longer a problem. Still, I think that the folks at Starboard ultimately value freedom of expression and thought. Really, I don't believe that their commitment to these concepts has changed at all. In reality, they have simply made it easy for responsible folks to communicate. Maybe some will miss the nonsense propagated by a miserable few, but frankly, I won't. Overall, a very positive change for the better.

2nd September 2006, 07:23 PM
Screamer wrote:
This is amazing. SB had the most popular windsurfing forum in the world, in my opinion because it was easy and fun to post messages,
Unfortunately, it was also very easy for numerous idiots to have fun posting insults, porn links, advertising spam, etc, etc. Is this forum going to be the same as those you mention ? We'll see. Nevertheless, registration never stopped it on other forums. What actually happens would be the administrators (head bottle washers in essence) start throwing their weight around and banning anyone that disagrees with them. They ignore the usual internet garbage, though. This is just another indication that Starboards isn't a very well run company dedicated to building the best boards by sticking to their knitting.

3rd September 2006, 06:33 PM
Actually, I saw nasty posters using other people's e-mails and identities to discredit their handles. However, it was easy to avoid that activity by posting anonymously. It must have been humbling for you, but that was the best way I've ever seen a board set-up. There are just too many egotists on these forums who have an answer for everything and want to parade it before the public.

4th September 2006, 01:18 AM
Since RobSwift and WSguy appear to be so unhappy with a simple registration requirement, maybe they should link up and create their own unregistered forum. In that way they will not feel so encumbered and threatened by others who appreciate sensible communication and some reasonable responsibility. When they start up their site, I promise I won't visit it and trouble them with my thoughts. Good luck guys!

4th September 2006, 04:38 PM
So, now you are going to lord over this forum and try and drive the competition out. Good luck to you and the Red Sox. The reason you got so much flack on the old forum was due to your personality deficiencies which were exhibited in your posts. Of course, though, you never consider that you were at fault since you are such a swelled headed egotist, SteveC. Does the C stand for the name for the female genitals? That fits exactly your approach to these boards.

4th September 2006, 07:06 PM
/me grabs some popcorn and a front row seat

5th September 2006, 01:35 AM
Well you've just proved it, a registration can't block IDIOTS, but let's hope administrators can.

5th September 2006, 05:51 PM
Think registration will remove some of the insults but we`ll lose some of the interest aswell.
Would like to know actual reasons from SB ; was it to remove spam or to control comments ?? If its former ; fine. If its the latter ; it wont work.
Good luck.

Slipin Lizard
6th September 2006, 06:18 AM
Not to throw fuel on the fire, but just want to add a little perspective. The Starboard forum was one of the few I'd come across that didn't have a registration requirement, so I think its now just following the norm and is no big deal. If you want to know just how bad a forum can get, then think about this. I am a videographer and also do post production motion graphics and 3D graphic work. One of the 3D programs I was learning was supported by a forum, and I wrote in asking about render times, noting that the software took a long time to actually render out 3D images. Well, turns out the owner/president of this company actually goes on-line every night, and if he finds someone saying anything the least bit negative about his product, he either deletes it, or better yet, rewords your post to make it sound like you're praising his software instead of having issues with it. So much for freedom of speech! I went back to check my post, and was shocked to see it had been completely re-written. Now, could you imagine this forum being run that way? You have to register, but at least you get to say your bit and have your opinion out there.

8th September 2006, 07:33 PM
Lizard, even Starboard's unregistered forum was seeing heavy editing near the end. I've never seen anything like that 3D forum, though. Silicon Investor, a stock investors group of forums had a membership with subscription price. They guaranteed no editing. However, they took a big dive because they had to give up identies in civil suits. So many company presidents sued their posters that they lost their sticky time to Yahoo. If you don't take the bait and get in an exchange of insults invited by people like Screamer and SteveC, one can get by here, I believe. However, any confrontation with an editor will result in your thinking being silenced. Many of these editors see their regular posters as friends or supporters. Often they are thick as thieves. The Boards.co.uk gives special consideration to their subscribers to the detriment of anyone who attacks the blantant bigotry they profess. Since they keep it to foriegn nationalities, they make it very hard to enter into a defamation suit.

9th September 2006, 04:14 AM
Registration is about accountability. It's not about losing your anonymity. In fact, even in a forum without registration, the combination of the forum owner and your ISP can be used to track you down - registration does not even shorten this path.

Editing by forum administrators is possible with or without registration, and while seemingly giving some short term benefits to the culprit, is in fact very damaging to him or her.

Some other nice things about registration:

* Unless a user really wants to conceal his or her identity, it is very easy for all of us to know who we are talking to.
* Registration and sign in give you a better surfing experience, with private messaging and other nice features.
* Forums with named users (either registered, or voluntarily signed) are better at creating a sense of community.
* Trolls are easier to identify. Even if a troll want to invest a lot of effort, he or she can only create and post via so many accounts. Trolls are very easily busted when you don't have to guess their identities.

keith Atkinson
9th September 2006, 04:04 PM
listen people, find something to do with your time. whats the problem with a simple registration. it took me 2 minutes to put in my details, and im logged in permantly on my computer, to this site, as i am many others. its childs play! im sure if you put some more effort into a worthy cause instead of fighting with eachother, we might get some worthy discussions going on in the forum.

9th September 2006, 06:26 PM
I think you are deluded amitai, prabably due to your lack of experience with forums. In addition, your personal commitment, keith, to registration isn't the issue being discussed here. You ought to find something better to do with your time, not us. It takes two minutes to become a target and years to avoid stalkers who find you a good target.

10th September 2006, 01:16 AM

I would not necessarily say I lack experience with forums, but you are entitled to your opinions. The thing is this (IMHO) - in a forum, you should really try to behave the same way you do IRL (we seem to have some good examples of the opposite in this thread). Note that registration does not imply identification (although I usually prefer real life identification myself).

You should not fear trolls, you can make them go away very easily, by simply ignoring them (works every time, since trolls feed on attention).

You should not fear administrators aggressive editing (which has nothing to do registration, BTW) - If you feel it hurts the forum, or you, you simply quit the forum.

Regarding becoming a target, I'll send you a private message (another benefit of registration), giving you a nice way to avoid it.


14th September 2006, 02:26 AM
Not sure wether its registration ; seasonal reasons or because site has changed so much, but Forum cwertainly doeas not seem as busy as it was.
Suppose time will tell; it might even have been a bad time to introduce registration. Nobody will know wether any long term changes in popularity are because of system changes or compulsiory registration ???
SB any comments ?

21st September 2006, 07:28 PM
Obviously, Star-boards won't go back to that unique type of board they had. Too Bad.

24th September 2006, 03:30 AM
I liked the posting without having to register. It made the SB forum the most populer windsurfing forum out there. Big names in the windsurfing industry could post there opinions without letting everyone who they were. I think Starboard has cut it's nose off to spite its face with this compulsory registration. I for one dont look at the forum half as much. It's destroyed the strong debates that used to happen which was the magic of not having to register.
I also found the attacks on SteveC unfunny. Also people posting with other peoples names was crap as well.

Why cant registering be an option to post on this forum? This will stop the fools posting under other peoples names like Steves and will enable people to get back to the interesting debates that happened before. What can it do apart from improve the forum??