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12th April 2007, 05:27 AM
I had one quick question. The stock racing fin that came with my board is a 480 NR and i can see that being good for an 8.0 or bigger. I guess what im trying to say is with my 6.6 or 5.0, will i get too much lift from the fin and sail and start tailwalking? Or are there simple solutions to stop this. When getting comfortable in the straps, i don't wanna have to deal with tailwalking or any other complications.

Also, I have heard people about a way to set up your kit for earlier plianing and also setting it up so you don't get crazy overpowered. Here in ottawa I have my Go 139 from last year and a Ezzy Transformer Power SLalom sail from 2001. What can I do to make this sail work better in the lighter range of the wind? and better in the stronger range? I guess im trying to say how can i increase the sail range of my sail...

Thanks a lot for your help,


12th April 2007, 11:04 AM
Hi Thomas,
The stock 48 cm fin should be good on your Go 139 with the 6.6 and would be good up to about 8.0.
For larger than 8.0 you would really be best to have a larger 56-58 cm fin.
And, with your 5.5 m2 rig a fin with a little less span might be better.
Say 42-46 cm.
If you are riding your board in the outboard and back footstrap positions, you wil be able to control the 48 cm fin pretty well.
If your board speed gets up close to 30 knots, then you may experience some tailwalking. Tailwalking is not such a "bad" phenomenon as you seem to make it.
When your board truly does "tailwalk" then you will know you are going too fast for the size fin you are using, or you have the mast foot too far back (or a combination of both).
So, you can move the mast foot forward to engage slightly more wetted surface and slow your board slightly, or you can change to a smaller fin.
What size is your Ezzy Transformer sail?
The two questions you are asking here are somewhat at the opposite ends of the spectrum and only learning to "tune your rigs for the conditions" will allow you to cover both ends.
If you need more low wind power to get you planing, you can do things like reduce the amount of downhaul and outhaul to increase the depth of the foil in your sail.
With a given size sail, you can only back things off so much before you begin to lose the tension in the panels. This is where an adjustable outhaul system really helps.
You can slack the outhaul to increase the draft in your sail, and then, when you are fully planing, tighten the outhaul to make your sail more efficient.
On the other end of the spectrum, if you are feeling overpowered, head for the beach and add more downhaul to reduce the draft depth and the power in your sail.
If you have good mast/ sail compatability, adding downhaul should also serve to twist the top of the sail off more, making it handle gusts better and provide you with better overpowered control.
So, to "juice your sail up" for earlier planing, you need to slack things off a bit to give the sail more power.
To "reduce the juice" in your sail and get better stability and less power in overpowered conditions you need to tighten things up to flatten the foil and reduce the power while at the same time giving your sail more top twist to make it handle better.
Hope this helps,

12th April 2007, 07:29 PM
Wow that is great! My Ezzy is a 6.6 and is my only sail that is resonably good. My other sail (the 5.0) is a crapy old wave sail. I used that for learning and it also rigs on an aluminum mast...

But ya, i think your tips will help. Is there anything with my feet in the straps i can do to make the board get on a plane other than pumping? I have figured out life in the straps is way easier than just on the board. It helps going upwind, it helps just staying in more control. everything.

Thanks for the help roger, its always good.


13th April 2007, 08:42 PM
Hi Thomas.
A larger rig (say about 8.5 m2) would sure help, but the GO 139 will do nicely in a bit more wind with your 6.6 m2.
As far as "things you can do with your feet to help the board get planing, yes, there are a couple of things that can work to "assist" your board onto a plane.
With your larger fin, when you get hooked in and back on the board, you can "pump" a bit with your feet to help "shake the board loose.
Also, you can kinda scrunch up ito a little ball with your arms extended and your legs kinda folded up. The pull hard down and back with your arms to pump the sail, and rapidly extend your legs kinda forward.
This can serve to pull your weigh up onto the rig (with your arms) and "shoot" the board forward to lauch the plane.
I've seem all the Junior and Youth FE racers do this, and been able to do it somw myself. Very hard to describe, but very effective when you get it right.
Hope this helps,