View Full Version : windrange of Hucker 4.2

12th April 2007, 02:37 PM
Thanks Roger for Yor answers to my previous questions.

What is the estimated windrange of the Hucker 4.2 for an 80 kg sailor?


12th April 2007, 10:51 PM
Hi Filip.
I'll make an educated guess here.
I can get going on the 4.2 Hucker set up quite full and on a Backbone RDM at around 18-19 knots. So that's probably the minimum windspeed.
If I downhaul alot more, I can get the top of the sail to "loosen up" to a point were the looseness extends in to the inner end of the anit-flutter mini battens and the sail works pretty well to 28-30 knots.
That's probably the max. for the 4.2 Hucker.
Tuning the Huckers for the right now conditions and mast selection can give you a whole lot more range.
It's something you need to experiment with, using your selection of masts, and your knowledge of rigging/tuning.
Hope this helps,