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14th April 2007, 01:19 AM
Hi Roger,
Do you know the differences in shape between these 2 boards? Are these really different boards or only colours and equipment changes?
Thank you in advance,

14th April 2007, 10:59 AM
Hi Fred,
I can tell you better next week as I think a couple of guys that are coming to the Windfest will have FT-148's so I cam make a better comparison.
There are for sure some differences.
The Isonic 155 has the distinctive "flat tail bevels" that are on all the Isonics, but the FT-148 had a more conventional rounded tail.
That's one major difference.
I suspect the Volume distribution and rocker line are somewhat different as well.
So, they are definitely 2 different boards, but similar an many ways.
Hope this helps,

14th April 2007, 03:23 PM
Thank's Roger,
If you can get detail pictures of iSonic 155 it would be wonderful,

14th April 2007, 08:51 PM
Yup... you'll be able to compare your old F-Type 148 to your new iSonic 155. I still think it funny that I went all the way to Wisconsin (online order) to buy your demo F-Type 148.

Roger, you are welcome to swing by the rental house I'll be using earlier in the week. If you want to do the comparison in a more low-key setting ... prior to the start of what will be a crazy weekend for you.

14th April 2007, 10:12 PM
Hi o2bnme,
We have a little problem here, as I don't have an Isonic 155.
Maybe the shop has one, or someone at Windfest may.
We can compare it to the Is 145, which I do have.
I may come by your rental house. I'm just up the road in another rental place, so we'll be quite close geographically.
Hope this helps,

15th April 2007, 08:20 AM
Definitely swing by! With the forecast pushing 30-40mph winds our way, I'm not going to have to worry much about skipping out on work. I don't have sails that small. ;-) So, I'll be around unless I get brave. ;-)

27th April 2007, 09:25 AM
Well, Sorry ... Roger and I never got to compare the boards we had available. I have something better though.

I just got a ride on my F-Type 148 with a 9.8 V8 vollowed by an iSonic 155 with a 9.0 V8.

Now, it wasn't a long ride, but it might be of some interest.

When the two of us rigged up, there was very little wind. We both rigged to spec assuming we'd use the outhauls to manage the wind. Well, after my first tack, the winds picked up. After a few tacks, the winds were around 18-20mph in the gusts. I never changed the downhaul as it seemed good. And when I took my friend's gear out, it felt good still (not quite as windy then though).

I had a 70cm fin on my board. He had the stock 56cm fin. I had my straps in the outboard setting. Since it was his new board, he was starting with the straps in and forward.

So, what did I find out? I don't need to upgrade my F-Type 148. While the iS155 was a better ride, it wasn't markedly different... yes, better though.

During one of our better gusts, I followed the iS155 up onto a plane. My friend was able to get into the footstraps (first time on this board) and I couldn't catch him. Even with the inboard straps and mast base too far forward, I could only keep up with him. It was impressive.

After this,I asked if I could take the iS155 out for a spin.

F-Type 148...
There was enough wind for me to get a full on magic carpet ride. I was riding the fin with very little board in the water. Te leeward rail was tapping the water. That's all that was in the water. It was a great feeling. I managed to plane out of a few jibes.

iSonic 155...
The rails of the of the iS155 are more defined. You could clearly see where the beveled edge around the nose and back to around where the mast base is changes to a sharp edge around the tail of the board. The F-Type doesn't have hard rails like the iS155. Again, it had a smaller fin and the straps weren't set where I like them. Also, the mast base was set too far forward. With all that, I was still able to get the board up on its fin. The board jibed pretty easily for such a big board. I would need to do more jibes to compare the two...it was very similar for the few I did, but I never planed out of a jibe on the iS155...more practice is needed.

I would need to do more of a comparison to give more detail... sorry. Basically, if I was doing a blind taste test, it would be very difficult for me to pick the board.

Maybe when we are both at the lake, I'll be able to take his board out again with the thing set up the way I like it. Considering the iS155 was as fast (without being set up for speed) as my F-Type 148 (being set up for speed), that is an impressive board.

After I was done playing with his brand new board, he took it out again with my 70cm fin. He liked how much easier it was to get up on a plane with the larger fin. My opinion is that the 70cm fin is a necessity for gusty lake conditions. Another way of looking at it... the iS155 is like my iS105 in that it loves to be powered up. The fin that was supplied with his board supports that statement. The 56cm fin was great when we were flying along fully powered up.

Enough for now... hope this helped.

27th April 2007, 05:41 PM
Thank you O2bnme for this report,I am also very happy with the F Type 148 and V8 10,5, I just wanted to know if the 2 boards are so different. It seems that some shape changes were done.Regards,

27th April 2007, 09:10 PM
Other than the rails and the tail shape, the shapes are very similar. It is hard to say what other changes were made. I was very happy with my F-Type's performance compared to the iS155 rocket ship.

My friend already dinged his iS155 though, so it is a fragile board (and VERY light). When getting back on the board, his harness hook pressed into the side of the board. It didn't break the surface, but did put a depression.

I would love to get a chance to sail it for an hour with the board tuned to the way I like it. I imagine I'd be even more positive on the iS155 compared to the F-Type.