View Full Version : Thanks for coming to Windfest Starboard/Sailworks!

22nd April 2007, 07:26 AM
Thanks for taking the time to show up at Windfest this year. As always, you guys have a great selection of boards for people to try out. I was happy to see the Hucker 4.2 in your quiver as that was the sail I was interested in. I have a feeling that it will become my next smallest sail to be used during those crazy days like what we had on Friday at Windfest. What perfect conditions for me to be able to do my testing.

Roger, the Pure Acid was an interesting board. I will have to try other 75-80 liter boards to compare it to now. This was my first <90 liter modern board I&#39;ve tried.


23rd April 2007, 12:18 AM
Hi o2bnme,
Nice to see you.
The Windfest this year was pretty good (if you had the cold weather gear to handle the first two high wind cold temp days).
We got about 25 nebies going yesterday in pretty nice (warmer in the afternoon) beginner conditions.
Thanks for you help,

23rd April 2007, 02:47 AM
Thursday was a great day for me. I didn&#39;t stop by because I already had what I needed. I sailed all day on my own gear ... 4.8 Hucker and an AHD Convert 60 (91L). At our rental house, it was perfectly flat and I was having a blast practicing my jibes. I ran out to the channel markers a couple of times in the afternoon. On the 2nd trip, I ran into a log, which tweaked my fin in the finbox. Luckily nothing was broken. (phew) ... but this would have stepped up my search for a replacement board. :)

I&#39;ll probably run into you in the Fall. I&#39;m heading to Maine soon, so I don&#39;t know if I&#39;ll get out to the coast before then. I&#39;d like to get another session on the Pure Acid and hope to try out some other brands if some of the local shops have anything available.

I think I&#39;m figuring out what I&#39;m actually looking for ... a board to be used with my 4.2 & 4.8 Huckers. I like how my Convert 60 jumps and jibes, but it is too big when a <4.2 day comes my way. So, I want to find a board that rides as free as the Convert 60. I&#39;m still intrigued by the Exocet Cross II 84, but Exocet didn&#39;t have it available for demo. I like how the Cross 90 and Cross II 94 feel (tried a friend&#39;s and Charlie&#39;s). They are very different from the Convert 60 though (they ride very flat, not free like the AHD). I would love to try out the Kombat 87 & 79 to see how they compare. Starboard&#39;s writeup makes me think they would be more like the Convert 60 than the Cross II. I just wish the Kombat was a Powerbox board as I have tons of Powerbox fins and really don&#39;t want to have to get a new set of fins. I also want to try the Madd 83. Since I always find myself sailing in less than a foot of water, I like the idea of the twin fin set up... 18cm fins come stock on that board.

Since my Convert 60 didn&#39;t break on me, I&#39;m still on my 2-3 year plan for getting some more high wind gear. Maybe I&#39;ll get a good bonus next year and will be able to speed up the process. ;-)