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28th April 2007, 02:54 AM
Alright, i guess im a veteran to this forum... lol i ask a lot of questions... but here goes another one,

Alrighty, I just bought a 2006 Naish redline sail for a pretty good price used for some lighter wind fun. I as you know have a G0 139 and the addition to this 7.6 would really compliment the race fin that came with my go (the 48 NR). Just wondering about lighter wind sailing compared to higher wind sailing. I figured pumping might be a bit harder with a 7.6 so scratch that for my main technique for getting up onto a plane... Here are my questions:

1. I just got some new hanress lines (lol as you know with my last post) that are 24-28 Dakine Classic Reactive. Should they be shorter for earlier planning?

2. Also should i set up the footstraps in the intermediate setting (middle of the board) to get planing faster? or keep them on the rail...

3. Should the footstraps be further forward? or more back for the fin pressure in lighter winds...

4. And what do people mean by the maintaining fin pressure to keep on a plane in a lull? usually when a lull hits, im schlogging again :(

I guess it depends on how well im powered on the new 7.5 but i was just wondering to really get all the wind range i can out of my Go, my 6.6 and my 7.6 (for the lighter days (im guessing around 13 knots and lower. I am roughly 145-150 soaking wet, 5 11 to 6 foot. Last year i could scratch up onto a plane in around 12 knots with my 6.6 and just hanging off of it etc... but this year im 10-15 pounds heavier...

Thanks for your help,


28th April 2007, 11:35 AM
Hi Thomas,
Ummm... what is it about pumping that you think will be more difficult with the 7.6 vs your 6.6?
As for the harness line length, that's something you are going to have to work out yourself.
Boom height will affect harness line length. You may find you want to run your boom higher with the 7.6 m2 rig.
Mast foot placement can affect harness line length to some degree.
You may find that the mast foot needs to move forward slightly for the best early planing with the 7.6 m2 rig.
Where your footstraps are placed can also affect harness line length.
So, I think that since you've gotten accustomed to the footstraps all the way back and all the way outboard, you will need to stay with those positions.
Moving the footstraps inboard is not going to result in earlier planing.
Go with what you know, and try different mast foot positions to find out where the "sweet spot" with the 7.6 m2 rig is in a variety of conditions.
You may find you need different mast foot positions for the best early planing (you will need to pump here) and different mast foot positions for higher wind conditions.
The 48 cm fin will be good with the 7.6 and up to around 8.5 m2, but if you want the earliest planing, you may want a larger fin (56-62 cm should be good).
I'm having alittle trouble with the "maintaining fin pressure to keep on a plane in a lull"..... I'm not sure you can do this, and trying to "push the fin" when the wind drops suddenly (a lull) normally is one of the principle causes of the dreaded "spin out".
You can keep some load on the fin, and the board will continue to plane, but if you don't back off the fin pressure (compared to when you are powered up) you create an imbalance between the drive of the rig and the leeward resistance of the fin, and this imbalance leads to too much pressure on the fin with resultant "spin out".
When you run into a lull, you have to avoid falling back (this oversheets the rig and shuts off the power even more) and also tends to make you "push th fin" too hard, resulting in spin out.
So when you encounter a lull, you need to reduce fin pressure, maintian as much rig drive/pressure as possible, and avoid "falling back".
This requires a bit of a change in stance.
I'm not sure how the increase in sail size is going to offset your increase in weight, but I think you will probably get planing in about 10 knots when you learn how to pump efficiently.
Hope this helps,

28th April 2007, 08:08 PM
i work with the GO139 and an arrow sails craze 7.6. along with the drake fin 480 it works really ghood in lighter winds. Once i hit 4 bft so about 12 knots i can get this baby planning. I use 28 inch harness lines which are perfect for such conditions though for lighter winds i must say they're too long and i could do with some shorter lines. As for footstraps: once i get planning with the go and the 7.6 i just step into my footstraps which i have set at the most extreme position on the GO139, though i must say, with only 12 KNT i just put my front foot in and i place my rear foot between the 2 back footstraps, else i just push the boad out of wind and balance.
I personally weigh 90 kilograms, so if you weigh less you can get the go planning at like 10 or so knots. I use my go for the lightwind dfays aswell, as i've just bought a mistral flow 284 for the higher winds (i found that the go with smaller sails and smaller fins has a tendency to get blown away as to speak, you really have to lean back else you're just screwed).
one more thing to add, when you get about 1 knt in a 7.6 sail you have to hang into your sail to an utter extreme sometimes just dso u can hold that wind and that speed. 12 knt winds are usually quite irregular and my experience is that you really need to go back and forth a few times before you know exactly which direction you have to go to get the max in wind.

hope this is usefull to u

29th April 2007, 03:46 AM
Ya thanks guys... Roger, for the pumping thing, i think im just afraid of it being too big...but i guess not. I will tinker around with that mast foot thing. I usually have'er right in the middle or slightly back. I also just bought a brand new extension because the luff of the redline is around 494 and my only extention is the tall one so with a 490 mast it would well suck... So i bought the stubby one as well as a new hood for the cold weather here in canada :(

I will update this once i get out on it... I CAN'T WAIT

thanks for your help roger and crazychemical... if you can get it up with 12 knots and you are 30 kgs heavier... i should have no problem in 10... but glad to hear someone else has a Go 139 and likes it... starboard really did a good job with it

30th April 2007, 01:06 AM
totally! i'm so not dumping this board, i'm just gonne keep using it as my light wind board, i mean, it can carry sails up to 9 m² and cuz i'm a naughty boy i say 9.5m² :p. And it just planes like hell, i swear i can beat S-types with it once it get my baby pumping. Only, it just won't go airborne, but as a freeracer it is amazing! i have my quiver ready: my Go139 and a mistral flow284 (113 L), i'll get there someday :d.
PS: you'll be flying with the go in 10 knts in no time mate!