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7th May 2007, 02:54 PM
Hi Kevin,

I couldn't find much info re the new go 129. Have you tried one? I want to by a second board for light wind days and also for my wife to use from time to time to develop a love for windsurfing on.
I currently have a Tabou Rocket 61 that is great for me when there is decent wind, but I definitely need a bigger board for marginal wind conditions as I am an intermediate level sailor (I can gybe, waterstart, small chop hop, etc) and I find the rocket pretty difficult in light wind (I'm 78kg) and I recently sold my 2005 AHD Freerace 75 to find a board more suitable to share with my wife.

I am looking at the go 129 (although I am worried that it is to heavy and beginner orientated) 251 - 72 9.9kg

Also a Tabou Rocket 125 (I think I would like more but maybe more challenging for my wife) 245 - 69 7.6kg

Both are very similar in price.

I have a 2005 carve 133 also back in Canada (Live in Hong Kong) and I really love it. Is the go 129 really similar to the carve 133? As I find the carve 133 great for blasting around on and a really fun and easy board to ride.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Kevin Pritchard
11th May 2007, 11:52 AM

Sorry I have not tried the 129 Go board. Sorry. I think you are making a good choice with the Go board as I have heard many nice things about this board.

Hope this helps.


16th May 2007, 06:22 AM
I have a go 139 and im 65 kilograms and i love it... pretty fast to plane, manverable etc. jumping i havn't really tried yet, but working on it. I really use it from 5.0, up to 7.6, but that is just because I have nothing bigger.

i would go with the go. It is a fun and suprisingly fast board.