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30th August 2006, 07:45 PM
Hi Starboard team
I windsurf in Stockholm, Sweden and I currently have one F-type 158 w and one carve 131 w, both 2005 models. The F-type is fun in very low winds but as soon as the wind (and waves) picks up it is not so comfortable. I really like the 131 but in higher wind that board gets a bit bouncy and I would like to have an alterative board that feels a bit smaller.

Now I am thinking of selling my boards and to upgrade to the new models (the 2007 range looks really nice!). My plan is to have one big board, carve 144, that would act as my low to medium wind platform and one smaller (speed) board, s-type 115 or 126 in medium to high wind.

I am an intermediate sailor at 78 kg that is working on planning gybes, improving my speed and stance and I am beginning to jump.

Do you thing that this is the right board combination for me or do you have another suggestion?
Which of the s-types (115 or 126) would you recommend as a complement in medium to high winds?
Can I use my NP V8 9.8 on the carve 144 on the less windy days? Do I need a larger fin?

Best regards,


Ian Fox
2nd September 2006, 11:01 AM
Hi Niklas,

Please give us some more detail on the sail sizes for medium/high wind, that will influence the best choice (or recommendations etc)

Yes, you can use V8 9.8m with C144 but it will be right at the upper limit of sail /power size, not so good or responsive handling but better than sitting on the beach. A larger fin will help in marginal (9.8m) conditions, consider around 52-54cm.(but not more, considering the narrower tail c/w FT etc for this volume)

Cheers ~ Ian