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12th May 2007, 09:44 AM
I have a couple of what look like scratches on my wetsuit from some bad catipults. It has sliced the rubber almost all the way through. Is there any way to combat the tear? I can just imagine every time i get in and out, the tears will, well tear more!

Also, I have an older 6.6 and have been going out in pretty overpowering conditions. I can't seem to downhaul or outhaul it anymore without damaging the sail, but im still way overpowered. Today was around 21 knots, and since I don't have a 5.8, I was hanging on for dear life with my Go 139 bouncing around like crazy over the chop and me struggling to learn how to really cruise (ie get into BOTH straps and into the harness blasting). Do you have any tips for sailing in stuff like that? I can understand if it was a constant wind, but its very gusty (going from 18-25 knots easily). I hate getting catipulted and would really like it to stop. It cuts my wetsuit, cuts my skin etc....

Thanks for the help, and anyone can answer,


12th May 2007, 02:44 PM
i'm afraid you can't do anoything about the tears lad, wetsuit material is very hard to fix.
As for the 6.6: old sails, from my experience, have almosdt no trimming possebileties as they ocntain less monofilm or any of the moderns, stiff materials which you can trim in length and width. The only thing u can do is get urself a newer sail. And just ... don't go out in overpowerig conditions, or take a smaller sail. Better safe then sorry.

13th May 2007, 08:57 AM
Hi Thomas,
I'll have to disagree with Crazychemical on the wetsuit repair issue.
I agree with him on the old sails issue.
What brand of sail is your older 6.6?
What brand and length mast do you have?
It might be that the older sail and a newer mast are incompatible and won't allow you to downhaul enough to loosen up the top of the sail, or perhaps the sail was made before "top twist was even "invented".
If so, then Crazychemical has it right. Not much you can do besides finding a smaller rig and mast.
As far as the wetsuit tears, that's a pretty easy fix.
Buy a can of O'Neill Wetsuit repair cement:
Buy a spool of unwaxed dental floss (the flat kind if you can fin it(.
Apply the O'Neill Superbond Wetsuit cement to each side of the tear (per the instructions on the little brush top can) and stick the pieces together as recommended.
Then "stitch" the two sides of the repair together with a curved needle (you can get them in little kits at the grocery stores) and the dental floss.
Then coat the inside and outside of the repaired area with a light coat of the Superbond Westuit cement. Let the cement soak into the dental floss and cover it.
Your wetsuit will be as good as new, and if it tears again it will be in a different area.
Hope this helps,

13th May 2007, 09:49 AM
my 6.6 is an Ezzy Transformer power slalom triple cam sail. its an oldy. 2000 i think. My mast is a fiberspar 5000 i think (90% carbon) that was bought with the sail at the time. Good mast, not so good sail. Are you suggesting to go for the 5.8 or 5.9 etc rather than spending more money on a better 6.6?

The wetsuit repair is a great idea. I will have to think of how to fix it without my parents seeing it. lol I bought it and spend 400 bucks CND on it and it was quite the investment for me without a job right now. That is why gear is so scarce.

I do like the feeling of being overpowred. 6.6 in 20 knots of wind is good for me (i am 65 kilos i t hink). I just need to learn how to deal with the gusts. I always seem to get thrown. Also, I am trying to learn how to get into the back strap so being overpowered doesn't help i don't think. I have read about lots of tips on getting into the back strap, but why does the Go have outboard strap settings only for the advnaced position? why not but a inboard strap setting for the smaller goes (139 and 129) next year for that added versitility when learning? I know that would make my life easier... everytime I try and wiggle my back foot into the strap I either miss (cause i was told not to look) or just end up sinking the windward rail and splash or catipult than bigger splash.

I think I might be waiting too long to get into the straps though. when do you get into them? right when you start to plane or when you are planing and the board really starts to flatten out?

tks for your help,