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12th May 2007, 11:03 PM

Contrats on your recent 42 victory. You are an amazing all-around windsurfer and a class act.

In the old days, pro Slalom wind minimums were pretty high. This led to a lot of cancelations/postponements. Also when end-consumers got gear it did not work as well in real-world wind.

I am curious, now that slalom is back in the pro ranks, what are your REAL wind minimums? How do the real big guys (Antoine, Micah, Finian) deal with it? I would think if you guys are really doing this in real light conditions, coming off a plane after a gybe would kill you (esp. in bad air).

Reduced wind minimums was part of the deal for the creation of Formula. The recent spin offs in slalom gear is evident. But have the wind requiremnts really changed? I would think we would see smaller guys rise to the top in marginal conditions.

Just curious how applicable slalom is for the masses.

Hope for your further continued success,


13th May 2007, 06:06 AM
yeah, fantastic win, congratulation Kevin !
From side off mast high surf to light wind slalom racing you prove again that you can be the best in any condition, trully the mark of a unique champion.
I hope that 2007 ends up as good as it started for you.
What a team Starboard has !

Kevin Pritchard
13th May 2007, 08:53 AM
Thanks You guys! It feels great to win. Thanks for your support.

Mark, the wind minimum is 7 knots. It gets pretty light. Guys like antoine and micah and finian are using 9.8 when it gets super light. It makes a difference when you can power up out of the gybe and get into the clean air.

Thanks again.