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26th June 2007, 01:09 PM

I've got a FType 158 and am in the process of getting a Serenity. I'd appreciate input on what might be the optimum fin quiver to get the most out of these boards?

Here's what I was thinking:

The FType comes with a 64 cm Drake R13 and the Serenity comes with a Drake 70 cm (wide) as well as a Drake 41 cm (wide).

I'm guessing the Serenity's 70 cm wide is too big for the Ftype (due to the extra width) but a stock 70 cm R13 might give the best earliest planing since the FType 158 is pretty close to a Formula board.

If I were tp add a few more fins spaced at 6 cm intervals would I end up with a pretty optimized fin quiver? For example:

In addition to the fins that come with the FType 158 and Serenity maybe add the following:

Drake R13: 70 + 58 + 52 + 46

I'm guessing that the FType would take the 70, 64, and 58 while the Serenity would take the 58, 52, 46, and 41.

Is a 6 cm spacing pretty optimized or is there any reason to consider a 4 cm spacing? Should I stick with Drake/Debochet fins or consider something else?



26th June 2007, 08:42 PM
Hi Jay,
Your plan sunds pretty good if you never sail anywhere with weeds or shallow sand bars.
The Serenity doesn't need quite so many fins.
I don't particularly like the 70 cm wide as I find it's simply way too much fin and makes the board difficult to sail as the 70 wide does not "transition" well from upwind pressure to downwind pressure.
As you roll the board from lee rail down (sailing upwind) to upwind rail down (to sail off the wind or jibe) the big 70 cm wide has a big bite on one side, kinda "floats" through neutral fin pressure, and then takes a huge bite on the other side.
58-62 cm fins are my favorites in the Serenity, but here in Hatteras I'm forced (by weeds and shallows) to use really small fins.
I sailed about 7 miles last nite in very lite winds with a 32 cm Tangent Dynamics Reaper. This fin was too small, but I still ran aground and had to turn the board around and sail with my weight on the nose to lift the fin in several really shallow spots.
The Serenity performs much better with a 36 cm Wolfgang Lessacher Duo (asymmetrical) weed fin, but the extra 4 cm would have prevented me from sailing where I wanted to go last nite. (Canadian Hole to Cape Hatteras School/Brigands Bay).
The stock fins are pretty good, and if the price is right, (compared to True Ames/Gorge Fin Co./Tangent Dynamics/used Tectonics Etc.) and they are available, the Drake/Deboichet fins are great.
Chuck Ames has some really nice larger fins, so check there as well.
You don't need custom fins, but if you can find some used customs for a reasonable price, that works as well.
Do I recall you live/sail in the Seattle area? If so, you are ging to love the Serenity.
In summary, I think you might be going after a few too many fins here.
F-158 needs 70cm; 60-64 cm; 52-56 cm and that' s about all you need.
Serenity needs 56-62 cm and maybe 48-52 cm and I think you will have virtually all conditions covered.
Hope this helps,

27th June 2007, 01:53 PM
Roger, many thanks for that great feedback.

The two boards definitely overlap their fin range so it's worthwihile trying to pick sizes that will work well for both.

It'a a pity that the 70W that comes with the Serenity is a bit too big. So I have to ask - have you ever tried the Serenity's 70W on an FType? I would think that it might be great in 10-12 mph winds for early planing and the extra width of the Ftype, which reduces roll tendency, migh take the edge of the "bite" when gybing? I'd like to make good use of that fin rather than have it gather dust...

Regarding optimizing a fin quiver, should I think of spacing the fins analagous to sail size spacing in a sail quiver - ie, wider spacing for bigger sizes and smaller spacing for smaller sizes? If so, that would suggest that I use maybe 6 cm spacing at the high end (ie, 70 then 64) and then 4 cm spacing below that (ie, then 60 then 56 and maybe also then 54). Does that sound reasonable?

I'm trying to end up with a fin quiver that will be viable for these two boards in the full range of winds that I'll encounter as and also work with any other boards I may aquire down the road (that use bigger fins).

Last question: I'm curious what sail sizes you are using with your preferred fin sizes you listed for the FType 158 and Serenity? For example, on the Ftype you mentioned you might use 3 fins (ie, 70, 62, 54) and on the Serenity you might use two fins (ie, 60, 50) - what sail sizes would you typically use for each of these fins on these two boards?

Thanks again, you're a lifesaver!