View Full Version : Evo 91 Replacement

4th July 2007, 02:04 PM
Hi Kevin!

I have a 2007 Pure Acid 74, a 2006 Acid 80 and a 2006 Evo 91. Both Acids are incredible and suit my style of sailing very well. I'm 83kg, and sail in a wide variety of wave conditions.

I can plane the PA80 with a 5.7m in just as early conditions as the E91 on a 6.2m. I find the E91 to be slow to plane (even with a bigger fin in the back), it also does not have a great top speed, but it is very very good to bog out on lighter days and to ride when wind is light.

Would I be mad to change it for a PA86? This board is very close to the A80. Sails I'd use on it would be 6.2m and 5.7m. Or should I look more at a freestyle wave type board?

Any advice (from anyone) is much appreciated.


Kevin Pritchard
6th July 2007, 03:09 AM
The 86 is a great board. I would say go for it. You might like it better than the 80 even..