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rob b
18th July 2007, 04:23 AM
I just bought a used starboard rio m 2006, i cannot work out what the two small holes are for on the underside of the board just in front of the dagger board. Are they drain holes?


18th July 2007, 07:43 AM
Hi Rob b,
Did you get the board new,....or used?
The 2 holes are a small footstrap insert imbedded in the hull of the board to attach a small black web strap loop with 2 special (shorter) screws.
This attachment point is so that you can atttach a tether to the board.
The idea is that you tie a line with a short piece of bungee cord in the middle to an anchor (small mushroom anchors work the best as you can step on them without hurting your feet, but it's still best to step on the anchor and work it down into the sand on the bottom so nothing shows and there is no "trip" hazard if the tethered student falls off the board.
The radius that the student can sail is set by the length of the line between the anchor and the tether attachment point on the bottom fo your board.
The only "drain hole" in your board is the vent plug located in the deck.
Be sure to check the "o-ring" on the vent plug so the plug truly seals when seated in the vent plug fitting in your board.
Hope this helps,