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19th July 2007, 09:24 PM
Dear Roger,

I have just moved to Perth Western Australia. I have done a bit of sailboarding a couple of years ago - but only just getting into the footstraps and planing. I am looking at getting a board and sail quiver so I can enjoy the ideal conditions here and get back into it. I am 85kgs and 187cm tall. The wind averages 15 to 25 knots most days. The area where I will be sailing mostly is flat water freeride. I am looking at GO155 and Severne NCX sails with a Powerex ZFree Mast? Should I be looking at the Carve too? What size sails would be best given that wind range? Also there is a bit of weed about - can you recommend a weed fin please.....:) Best wishes, I am very glad you are here offering this wonderful advice.


21st July 2007, 06:18 AM
I don't know about the sails, i'll leave that to Roger, but about the boards .. as our weight + lenth is almost simular (89 Kg +1.88) and the sailing conditions aswell (mine are 10 to 22) i think i can help out.
Myself, i sail a Go139 which offers me the stabilety when the wind drops and the speed in planning. The Go155 offers more stabilety and early planning. You could look at the Carves aswell, if you wanne read about the difference i suggest you look at the 2006 SB website, there they make a comparison if you look at the Go boards and then you can take what yoiu know to 2007 and make up your mind about what board is more suitable for u.
Personally i'd say u'd be better of with a Go because of it's wideness and stabilety.
For weedfins: may wanne check select fins. They have a nice range of weeds.

21st July 2007, 06:43 AM
Hi Sam,
Never having sailed in Perth (I almost got to go there once, but the ship moved to Thailand and I met Svein instead, so the outcome was quite good overall) I really don't know quite what to tell you.
Suggest you make a trip to the windsurf launch area there in Perth and have a look around to see what others are sailing.
If you are hooked in, in the footstraps, and planing, with 15-25 knot conditions I think the suggested GO 139 is a bit too big and wide.
Flat water in 15 knots is one thing, flatwater in 25 knots would have to be something quite different.
If you aren&#39;t going to be sailing in < 15 knots then you won&#39;t need the width and early planing you might get with a GO 139-170.
I&#39;d think a mid size Carve would be bettr up to around 20-22 knots with a 6.0-6.5 m2 rig which shold get you going nicely in 15 knots at your weight.
The NCX is an OK sail, but you might want to get something with a little more "jiuce" (draft in this case) like the Gator or perhaps the Overdrive.
If you look for a quiver of say 7.5/6.0/5.0 you should have your stated wind range pretty well covered on a mid size Carve (122/111).
If you get more 25 knot conditions than 15 knot conditions, you might even want to look at something smaller.
Like I said, check out the local scene and see what other sailors are using, maybe even rent a couple of different size Carves and the smaller GO boards to see what really works best in the Perth conditions.
Hope this helps,

21st July 2007, 07:16 AM
Thanks CC and Roger,
When I last was on a board I was not properly in the footstraps and planing yet - I had the front foot in ok and I was hooked in no problem but the back foot was proving challenging. I could tack upwind no problems but hadn&#39;t attempted any waterstarts yet so uphauling is still important. Most of the locals here are on small volume boards. I was here once and they put me on a 116 lit F2 of some description (that was the biggest board they had after the absolute begginer model) - maybe I weighed in a bit more then cause I sunk like a stone and missed the stability. So given that what do you think? Best Wishes Sam

21st July 2007, 11:37 AM
Hi Sam,
So there&#39;s a hire kit operation there in Perth, but they do not have any 120-150 liter boards, is this correct?
If so, are there any other shops that rent gear.
I think if you have those great Perth conditions, you are going to progress very quickly, so a Carve 122/133/144 would seem to give you the stability and volume you need to progress.
Or, pick up a used GO (GO Friendship/Original GO/ newer GO 170) and get yourself up to speed, then spend more for a mid size Carve.
The GO boards are going to need about 0.5 -1.0 m2 larger rigs to really give you top performance, but remember, above 20 knots the GO boards will be getting on the "too large" side of things.
The Go 139 suggested by Crazy Chemical will work, but it&#39;s prety wide for > 20 knots sailing, and at your size, the older GO boards may be both faster and more appropriate volume wise.
Hope this helps,

25th July 2007, 05:45 PM
Hi Harry,
As a novice windsurfer in Perth Ive found the local w/s retailers in Nedlands and North Fremantle to be more than just helpful. The Nedlands store hires and supplies Starboard&Severne and the other sells Hot Sails&Goya both with no sales pressure.
From late spring thru summer the sea breeze can get up to 30+ knots,great fun but suicidal on a wide board.A Carve 122 seems appropriate and ive seen quite a few in use on the river.
If Starboard is your thing go to Nedlands.
Weed fins are not reqd on the river ,sail sizes seem to range from 4.5 upwards,myself(93kg) with 4.7 5.3 5.9 6.5&8.5. As you can see from the sail sizes its not always blowing here.
If youre still concerned about board size hire the Carve 133 from Windforce and if you manage o.k. buy a 122 .

25th July 2007, 09:56 PM
Hi Sam, or is it Harry.....?
Anyway, fullmoon has given you first hand advice here and it sounds like he&#39;s at around the same skill level you are so I&#39;d take his advice
and check out the Carve 122 and try it on a couple of different days (one not so windy and one where there&#39;s plenty of wind.
That&#39;s the best way, test it yourself in "real world" conditions.
Hope this helps,