View Full Version : NP on RDM ?

5th September 2006, 05:55 PM
Anybody tried Expression 4.7 or Saber 6.2 on RDM ? Broke a normal 430 in Saber a few months ago; hoping RDM will be tougher but will it affect performance much ??? (Dont want to buy one to try it !)

5th September 2006, 11:27 PM
Hi Floyd,

I have used larger sizes of both the Expression and Sabre on RDM's and in all cases I thought that the performance was slightly improved as the sails felt a touch lighter and quicker, and no one that I know has broken a RDM yet.

6th September 2006, 12:21 PM
Hi Floyd,

I tested extensively with RDM in my N.P. Combats (2005 & 2006) and this worked really well. So well, that a lot of my mates are converting now to RDM. The best match (especially the 430 mast) was the Hotsails Maui Hotrod (I am pretty sure that this is the mast that Dolf has used as well). Up till 400 the Hotrod has a simular bend cure as a Powerex, the 430 has a slightly different bendcurve that comes very, very close to the Neil Pryde bendcurve (more flex in the top). I didn't feel any downtrade in performance, the sails just handeled better.

6th September 2006, 02:53 PM
yes ... RDM works great on NP sails, but sails bigger than 5.8 can become too soft (I had a Search 6.2 and had to go back to normal diameter mast because sail was way too soft and unstable ... 430 + 30cm ext do not play good on RDMs)

6th September 2006, 09:05 PM
Hi Floyd,

Thanks Happy for adding an important point that I forgot. I indeed use the Hot Rods and one NP skinny on recommendation from NP and HSM. I was told that some skinnys like the Powerex are either too soft or have a curve that is not as compatible.

Unlike jaume I rigged NP up to 7.7 Spirits and now SuperFreaks up to 8.0 on my skinnys with excellent results and my 9.0SF with acceptable results, but that could be because of the brand of masts. Because of my concern with a skinny being too soft for my 83 kg, i have stayed away from extenders or long extensions and instead gone all the way to a 490 Hot Rod.

I hope that clarifies.