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5th September 2006, 06:03 PM

I own an isonic 115 (used sails: rs6 8,4 & 7,2) and a sonic 85 (used sail: rs6 6,2). To increase their performance I have some questions...

Could you please tell me -for my weight (75kg) and height (1.74m)- where I should place:
*my mastfoot
*my footstraps
for the different sails on the boards

Also could you indicate what fins (brand/type/size) I should use as an upgrade for the standard ones?

Many thanks in advance!

Jesper Orth
6th September 2006, 07:34 AM
Hi Dider

Good choice of boards for your sail range. I used the same set up of boards, and sometimes the Isonic 125 for lighter wind.

For the Isonic 115 I would place the foot straps all the way back for all of them. Mast track position I aim for the middle and then slide it 1-2 cm back. I use the same setting for all sails for the 115

For the Isonic 85 I would place the foot straps in the outside holes all the way back as well. If you sail really choppy conditions, then take the front holes. I use the same setting for all sails on the 85

The fins supplied is good all-round. But upgrading can change the performance in a positive direction.

For the 115 I use the Vector Fins Maui G-10 Canfire in 38cm
For the 85 I use Vector Fins Maui G-10 Rockit 32 cm. This fin I use in all conditions for all sizes.


Jesper Orth