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5th September 2006, 07:33 PM

I would like to know which isonic fit best my profile:
level: intermediate (planing, jibing ok but still improving)
weight: 68kg
water: mainly lakes, flat / chop
wind: 12-20 knots
sails: 5,7 - 7,2(sweet spot) (could get a 8,x but no bigger)

I have the opportunity to get a 105 wood (2006) at a very good price but I am concerned about its ease of use / early planing compared to the 115 and the 111 (2007) that may fit better to me.

Another question: how dram compare to wood in term of performance vs. durability ?
I' have seen that other brands' slalom boards can get holes in the hull just for being layed on an occasional stone in the sand.

Any help is appreciated.


Ian Fox
6th September 2006, 08:55 AM
Hi Roberto,

If you have a solid 12 kts minimum and are reasonable with getting a board planing in light wind (active early planing style) then you will be OK with the iS105 - and this board will be faster and easier for your weight at the higher (5.7m ) end of the range. If the wind is gusty/thin/patchy (inland lakes ?) in your range/location, and/or you are not often in 20kts/5.7m conditions, then consider the iS111 or iS115.

With the lighter Wood costruction, you'll have a better ride and earlier planing ; it's worth taking extra care on thebeach not to slam your board down into the sand, or stand on it on the beach with rocks in the sand - on any brand/construction. In lighter constructions (better on water) there will always be more chance to get some damage, but most likley will be when banged or pressured very hard onto something very sharp - just a little less care will make a big difference to the outcome. It's very rare to have a wood board " get holes in the hull just for being layed on an occasional stone in the sand..."
Slam it down on sharp rocks with a wind gust in the sail - or jump onto the board on rocks to check boom height etc will do it.. On any brand.

Cheers ~ Ian

6th September 2006, 04:08 PM
Ian, thanks for the reply.

Yes I usually ride in inland lakes (Garda ...) and the wind can be anywere from thin 8-12 knots to solid 15 to gusty 20+.
But, as I am not looking for a super-early-plaing board, (then I should look at 133+ isonics perhaps) I really think the 105 can be the best board for me.

About robustness: sorry for my english but yes, I really have seen a board damaged just for being (gently) put over a stone, no people jumping on it !
Happy to know that wood contruction is not as delicate.


Erik Loots
7th September 2006, 03:10 PM

I have an SB Isonic 105 D-RAM. I am 80kg and 1.94m tall.
This is my only board. I use it from 14kn till 30kn
12kn is not very comftable for me, but it works.

My best gps results on this board are:
average: 63kmh (35knots)
max speed: 67 kmh (37knots)

I used 6.3 for my best results. Best size for the board is 6.9
My range is 6.3-7.5 for isonic 105

I am trying to break the 40 knots on the isonic 105...B)

7th September 2006, 04:49 PM
thanks Erik for your information,

great speed results, 37knots is very fast indeed !

from Italy

8th September 2006, 05:14 PM
Bella robb?, pure io esco al lago di garda, uso un 115 e una 7.8, pi? o meno riesco a farmi l'80% delle Ore (il vento). comunque anche con il 105/101 non vai male, solo che ti trovi n po pi? Hang on (iimpiccato) quanto l'ora ? fiacca e magari devi bolinare. Quindi, consigli: se parti dalle side Bay (conca d'oro, pier, maiali, e quant'altro) vai col 105 se parti dalle spiagge di torbole o riva vai con 115 or more. Tanto sono tavole che con una buona vela non vanno in crisi, sopratutto nell'acqua del lago. forse per il tuo peso meglio non superare i 115 per?. Altro consiglio, fai qualche giornata dedicata alla virata non veloce ma LAMPO!!!
N.B. Tra 2006 o 2007 siamo sempre l?..vanno forte tutte e due uguale
See ya

8th September 2006, 05:58 PM
Ciao QJ, ti rispondo in Inglese per rispetto agli amici del forum.

Thans for your comments, how do you find isonic in choppy conditions (a good Ora day) ?
I understand tack is very difficult on isonic, maybe even harder than on a small wave board ... what about jibing in marginal / subplaning conditions ?

See ya on Garda @ Conca or Vasco !

8th September 2006, 07:58 PM
lol .. Yeah, Sorry.
Few days ago I've used my "sea board" it's a 100 Freewave (or somthing like this..) and I had felt better in tack then the is115 but is a sacrifice you have to run for ride with this board. In choppy? ah, when is realy formed like leeward a sailboat regatta and with a 400 windsurfers in the wather is impossible to enjoy but not only with the isonic but with all the board. In noramlly choppy condition you don't realize it (non ti accorgi neanche del chop). I can tall that, it's fu**ing fast and you feeling it good immediatly under your feet. My friend have an F2 sx and usually with my oldest board he beat me for 30 meters on the course, but now with my new isonic I ever lead and I've change only my board. I think you can compete with smaller board like the F2 sx 105 cause the dimension of isonic 115 and the Sx 105 is approximatly the same. The weak point in confront of the F2 is the mqs of your sail, I have talk with Andrea Cucchi (friend of 1000 battle) and he agree me, the f2 can support a litle biger sail then the isonic, for exemple, if on the f2 you can use an 7.8, on the isonic is better if use a 7.3 (if you are not a professional windsurfer I mean...)
Only a thing, please use a 7.3 or 7.+ not under on this board (in the lake garda). Anyway, let's try it.. See ya round conca or CST but not Vasco
(cause I hate he..) by by

8th September 2006, 09:25 PM
QJ, I understand what you mean in terms of recommended sails: a pro can get advantages ad enjoy from a truly oerpowered condition while for an advanced can be a nightmare ... it's not only a matter of fin, weight but mostly technique.

I would use the 105 mostly with a 7,2 rs4, next year I might replace it with a 7,7 and a 6.x for stronger conditions.

...i also understand your feelings about Vasco, always better than other centers, like the one that use to be near maili's beach ... ;)


9th September 2006, 12:29 AM
Ok, but i think the 7.2 rs4 with the 105 it's the perfect choice..
So let's enjoy and see you in the wather.. and if you can, follow us, you can learn a lot of things.. Bye bye

9th September 2006, 02:09 AM
Ok OJ, I'll try !