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25th July 2007, 03:23 AM
hi roger!
i often read ur wonderful replies to ppl, so i decided to try and get one myself! i hope u'll be kind enough, once again....
im writing from sri lanka, i weigh around 68 kgs, sail in lovely/awful indian ocean BIG chop in souht sri lanka, i own a mistral explosion 145 lts, have a tonix 5.5, rushwind 6.0, north disco 6.4 and a 7.0 arrows. fin is 50 cms freeride straight with a "curved" end). wind is gusty too. the wind range is 3 bft (bad days), 4 or, at a spot 30 mins away, can be 5 on good days. i ahve to get over the massive (for me anyway) waves (which break 30/40 metres form the shore) before i can go blasting, and when the on-side wind lulls i'm a candidate for wipeouts and washing machine spin cycles...
i can waterstart no problem, i'm very confortable in my (seat) harness and footstraps, and attempting chop hops nowadays and perfecting/sussing out carve gybes (difficult to nail/learn in the chop tho')
so...what next? my explosion (which i like) seems to take off because the wind lifts it in stronge wind, especially over chop, it becomes unmanageable with LOADS of spray in the eyes. any solutions? what board should i get now? my target is to freeride/blast/jump/carve/go fast/attempt some manouvres/ but not waves at the moment.... is going down volume wise the solution? what happens on the 3 bft days with my quiver of sails? would i still be moving enough to float and get home? could i manage a 100/105/110/115/120 lts carve, aero, kombat, stype oof that volume? which one is best for me according to my requirements? is the reduced fin going to land me on the rocks coz i cant go upwind anymore to get home for example(which i do well now on the explosion)?
pls help, i am the only windsufer here, no advice whatsoever.....!!!
p.s. anyone coming on holiday is welcome, as i have no windsurfing buddies....!;)

25th July 2007, 09:37 PM
Hi Mondy,
@ 68 Kg. (149.9 Lbs) you should have plenty of volume on a 100 liter board to simply "stay afloat" so any of the sizes and types of boards you've listed should work nicely.
The tough part here is going to be which type and size to select.
Bft F3 (7-10 knots) is is a big surprise to me that you can even sail your Explosion 145 with your 7.0 m2 Arrows, and fighting your way out through small breaking waves would seem impossible.
Bft F4 (11-16 knots) would seem pretty marginal at the low end with a 7.0 m2 rig but you would be happily powered at around 13-16 knots.
Brf F5 (17-21 knots should be very nice on your 6.4 or 7.0 m2 rigs.
As far as the chop, and slightly higher winds (are we still talking Bft F5 here, or higher winds than F5?) you should be able to do some mast foot tuning and rig tuning to keep your 145 liter board on the water.
If the board starts getting out of the water and hard to control, slide the mast foot forward a few cm at a time and see if you can't find a "sweet spot" that gives you a smoother ride, without the board "blowing up" so much. Don't overdo this, as that can lead to getting the mast foot too far forward and holding the board down which makes for a rough and slower ride.
Ok, back to the boards......
I like the S-Types over chop alot, so I going to suggest the S-Type 115 as a first choice here. You will give up the Bft F3 completely with this board, so maybe the Carve 122 or 111 would be better choices here as thery are a little wider.
As I say it's a tough choice. A wider board will give you more opportunities for early and marginal planing, but the downside is they won't handle the chop as well as a slightly narrower board (S-Type) once the wind comes up to mid Bft F4.
Since you are a relative lightweight at 68 Kg. you could even go down to a Carve 101 or the Kombat 96, but then you would be giving up even more in Bft F3- low F4.
The Carve 122 "rides" a little smaller than it is, so I think the best choices would be the Carve 122 or the S-Type 115.
Hope this helps,

26th July 2007, 01:33 AM
hi roger, thanks for the, as always isee in the forum, prompt reply. i truly think ppl like u are one of the best advertisements/assets to companies like *board.
as u say, it is a tough life to schlog in 3 bfts with a 7 mt sail, but hey! we wanna get out as much as possible! there's always something to learn/pratice!
btw, the small waves u refer to are over head high, and i have destroyed a couple of sails that way....wifey is NOT happy about it, but what to do? i just wanna get out and catch that wind/gusts....
accordinto what u say i must have got it all wrong, i had slid the mast foot about 2 inches from the rear limit coz i had read somewhere that over chop it is better that way, but on 2nd thoughts it makes sense to move it forwards. i'll try that next time!
i think the safest would be to go for a carve 122 at this point.
last question:
will i really feel the difference do you think compared to my mistrl explsion 145 with a carve 122? is 25 lts going down enough, due to the fact that the carve as u say rides "small"?
tx, i really appreciate ur efforts to put up with us! i hope they acknowledge ur value at *board,

26th July 2007, 03:35 AM
Hi Mondy,
With a 7.0 m2 rig I would probably have the mast foot as far back in the slot as it will go and still be attached to the board.
ALWAYS start out with the mast foot as far back as it will go and then move it forward 2-3 cm at a time until your board settles down.
If you run it 2" from the back, try it all the way back and then move it forward incrementally until you get back to the 2". Then you will know.
And, the "sweet spot" changes with sail size and fin size as well as with higher and lower wind conditions.
If you are sailing out through head high waves to get to the flat water beyond are there no channels for boats etc. that you could use?
I would guess you are getting very good at reading the waves so you can scoot out between the sets or sail around the breaking parts, right?
Yes, you should feel a significant different between your Explosion 145 and a Carve 122.
Ummmm... in case you didn't know, Starboard doesn't pay me to do this forum.
I do it for "love of the sport/passion". They do provide me with rash guards and have chipped in a portion on some extraordinary expenses like new engine and transmission to keep my truck on the road.
Overall, I didn't ask to be paid, and they sometimes even listen to what I have to say, so it works for them and me.

26th July 2007, 03:21 PM
hi roger,
thanks again.
"If you are sailing out through head high waves to get to the flat water beyond are there no channels for boats etc. that you could use?
I would guess you are getting very good at reading the waves so you can scoot out between the sets or sail around the breaking parts, right?"
yes ur are spot on, it's when there's a lull as i'm scooting thru' that the major problems might occur, i.e. i'm stranded between sets and the next set comes in!!! quick tack and back is what i do and wait again in waste high water ready for another beach start! if i fall during that tack, it's hell because of course hter wont be enough wind to quickly waterstart at that paritcular moment! murphy's law....:@
good to hear that the 122 carve will have a sginificant difference, if i can get hold of one in some neighbouring country (thai, singapore, maldives, who knows....) i'll get one, but it means the cost will be very high by the time i ship it....oh, well, like u, things u do for the love of the sport/passion....
i'll try those mast track adjustments too