View Full Version : i sonic vs s type vs futura

peter b
31st July 2007, 01:15 AM
hi Kevin

congrats with the great results at the pwa slalom

now on topic
rider facts: high intermediate
182 cm and 76 kgs
preferred sailing between 12-30 knots

i have a sonic 110 from 2005 since a month and currently use it with severne overdrive 7.5 - 6.5 with select fins 37 -33
great combo but
as i have regularly heavy chop where i surf controlling the sonic becomes hard on the legs
as I still have to learn tuning the board i do not mind that too much

but now i am also looking for a smaller version but do not know to get an isonic 94 - s type 104 or wait for the futura details
according my starboard distributor getting an isonic 94 is like a s-type 104 re sail sizes but with the s type having more comfort and what i think to be an advantage the inside straps when it really gets bump & jump
as i heard the futura will have all the best of the isonic , stype and carve maybe it's best to wait for that one if they have something around 100l

i will keep the sonic 110 for a few years for sure

so what will be a good smaller board for usage with overdrive 6.5 & 5.5
(if it could also handle the 7.5 that would be a great +)

above 25-30 knots i use the wave equipment

thanks for your advice

Kevin Pritchard
2nd August 2007, 11:29 PM

In my opinion the Stype is what sounds like it will work the best for you. I had very little time on the Futura and it was a great board. The Stype sounds like your best option right now for size, comfort and speed.

Hope this helps.