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mark h
8th August 2007, 03:10 AM
Hi Kevin
Hope you can advise me. I'm using Sonic 90, 100 & 125 (soon to changed for the new 2008 iS87 & iS122 replacements) on a lake/flat waters most of the time. When the tides are OK, the sonics are hard going on at my coastal spot so I usually dont bother going out on the tide with the sonics.

I'v been offered a great close out deal on a 2005 S-Type 115 wood. I'v only ever owned sonics, hypersonics & formula boards so dont no how the S-type will feel.

Is the ST115 going to be much smoother/softer and more fun in coastal conditions or is the ride going to be similair to my sonics?

I'm around 105kg and was going to use more freeride type sails (instead of slalom/race sails) in 5m to 7m with on the ST115.

I remember you saying that the ST115 was one of you favourit boards, so kinda figured it must be good. I dont really want to go down the wave or kombat road for coastal sailing but I'm worried that the ST maybe to slalom orientated for our choppy rough (& some times small mushy waves) coast.

What do you think?

Many thanks

P.S. Hope your enjoying your break after another great world tour.

Kevin Pritchard
9th August 2007, 12:48 AM
Yes Get the ST115. For me that board is pure joy! I have been sailing on it this past week and still love this board!