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10th August 2007, 11:19 PM
hey kev

just wondering about cape verde. Im about to order some sails which will take me into cape verde. Being a waveriding spot the biggest i usually use is a 4.7m. I did a spring in Ho-okipa and the biggest i used was a 4.7m and a 63litre, i live in brandon bay and the biggest i use is 4.7m. My mate who's been to CV reckons i should order a 5.0m. Can you get away with same gear as you would in maui?? My weight being 68kg. Or should i order the 5.0 to get up wind.


Kevin Pritchard
21st August 2007, 10:08 PM
Yeah I would say go with the 5.0 for there. When we were there it was really windy but I think normally guys are on 5.7's. I was on my 5.3 most of the time but I think it was a really windy period.

As for Cape Verde, this is the best place I have ever sailed at. The spot is amazing. You will love it just bring enough spare peices if the swell is pumping!!

When you going? I wish I could go!